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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Puppy love

Man's best friend is his dog, or so they say.
A to some extent I really do have to agree because you'll never see a boy happier, than seeing Henry with his favourite pup.

Since he was small(er) Henry has always had a love for dogs, which we can only assume came from meeting Dann's parent's dogs when he was quite young. They were the most tolerant of dogs, and although we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Bob a couple of months back, Alfie remains, and has fast become Henry's furry best friend.

As an animal lover (er hello I'm Hufflepuff,like you expected anything else) it makes me endlessly happy to see Henry fascinated by animals and showing zero fear. He is quite happy to play fetch with Alfie, or push him away when Alfie decides it's face wash time. They trot alongside each other quite cheerfully and sit for a cuddle. It truly is the most endearing sight to see.

A couple of weekends back I got a load of photos of the pair of them (partly for this post) and I couldn't not share them as they're just so damn cute!


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Bigger, better and more Lush | Lush Launch at Westquay

Any self respecting blogger and bathtime lover has heard of Lush right? And if you haven't, then where on earth have you been for the last few years?

Anyway, as a blogger I've grown to learn and love more and more about Lush over the years, and definitely have a minor addiction to the smell of the Comforter (and a sentimental love for Prince Charming which was my post-birth shower gel of choice so has lots of special memories).

Here in Southampton we've had our little but very much loved Lush on the High Street, tucked away behind the Bargate. However it's popularity was making it's little home quite crowded!
Luckily, and with enormous pleasure, Lush has relocated, and has a new home inside Westquay, with three times the space, and three times the amount of products too!! Can we get a hell yeah over here?!?!

I was very kindly invited along to their launch evening* last Thursday, ahead of their official opening last Friday, and thought I'd share with you a little insider look of the new store, and what we got up to.

Monday, 24 July 2017

A picture is worth a thousand words - Canon EOS 200D Photo Challenge

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Never has a truer statement been made.
And it's a philosophy that I live by.
Yes I'm a words girl. I live for writing. But I also live for photos. Photos have the ability to bring back so many memories, create new opinions, endure feelings. Photos... they're my jam.

And I'm a Canon girl, through and through. Ever since my university days when I would hire out a DSLR from our media rooms to do my photojournalism course.

Although a fujifilm was actually my first ever DSLR camera of my own, it was a cheap buy from a friend, and my heart wanted a Canon. So I saved up and bought my 1100D.
It's lived a very good life, even surviving a four foot drop from a bookcase (thank you cat!) and has toughened up with a toddler too!

But now I'm upgrading, and I've been put to the challenge by Lifecake and Canon, to truly road test the brand new Canon EOS 200D* and show you how each photo is worth a thousand words.

Friday, 21 July 2017

The best family to visit Southampton - The Addams Family at the Mayflower Theatre

I have loved the Addams Family since I saw the 1991 version when I was a  kid.
There is just so much to love about this quirky family. From Wednesday Addams's pessimism and cunning, to the most beautiful love between Morticia and Gomez, and of course all their shenanigans that make them the most fantastic family.
Plus does anyone else think their home is total goals?? Might just be me, and it definitely isn't Instagram goals, but I simply adore a haunted house!

So when I found out that the Addams Family A Musical Comedy* was coming to the Mayflower Theatre I just knew I had to go.


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

All about that park life

Oh I do love a little park trip. 
We try to get outdoors as much as possible, and this can include simply going to our local park. 

Some of my best childhood memories are from playing outdoors and specifically the park. One that really stands out is Higginson Park in Marlow, Bucks, which is the town my Granddad lived, and we would visit the park every time we went to see him. It was pure happiness for a kid. And that's what I want for Henry as much as possible.  

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