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Friday, 24 March 2017

My 15 minute lazy pasta dinner

Do you know what I really love? Really good comfort food. There's something to be said for carbs and their ability to make us feel full and comfy and cosy inside. These dishes are of particular importance during times of need or when requiring cheering up.

Today I thought I'd share one of my favourite comfort foods, which also happens to be a super fast dish perfect for the lazy cook. We usually save this for evenings when we're super busy, or returning from a trip (the homesickness gets very real, and this helps quite a lot). 

It isn't pretty really, but damn is it warming and loved.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We didn't go out today

We didn't go out today... or the day before if I'm totally honest.
We didn't get dressed, and we never even planned to.
I wore no make-up and didn't brush my hair.
We didn't leave the house once.

And sometimes that is perfectly OK, even when your baby is a bit older.

The thing is, with the weather like it is in not-so-sunny England, it's hardly difficult to think, that there are going to be quite a few stay-at-home days, especially when you don't have a car during the week (and frankly even if I did I'd probably hate it because this girl HATES driving!).

You often see these mums on the internet that really do have their shit together, and are out and about every single day,and every type of baby group you can imagine, having coffee dates with other mums and basically nailing mum life and maternity leave.

I don't do this.

Monday, 20 March 2017

What's in my changing bag - Edition 2 - 9 months+

I always knew babies came with a lot of stuff, but I was never really prepared properly until Henry arrived. Our hospital bags were filled to bursting just to see us through the delivery and bringing him home. Our newborn changing bag was also filled with odds and ends from the start.

Now some 8ish months on, we're a little more clued up on what we do and do not need on an outing, and Henry's needs have definitely changed, so I thought I'd write the "what's in my changing bag, edition 2". I've put this as 9 months plus, but really I think we've had this set up from about six months when we started Baby Led Weaning.

Friday, 17 March 2017

My baby doesn't sleep through... and why we co-sleep

All the books/google suggest that babies will sleep through the night before the age of six months. Some even from three months old.
My baby does not sleep through the night... at all. Not ever! And he is nine months old.

The thing is, I'm kind of OK with it.
Sure I miss a full nights sleep (OK I a lot miss a full nights sleep).
Sure I do sometimes wish I didn't get woken at night, and on particularly rough nights (thanks teething) I'm practically praying for him to stay in his bed for the night.

BUT I know this won't last forever.


Thursday, 16 March 2017

Date nights for parents

Being a parent means foregoing quite a few things in favour of your little ones. Hot meals. Hot cups of tea (I miss them the most I think). Using the bathroom in piece. Having clean clothes for an entire day. Eating alone. Going out alone. And going out as a couple alone... well we've gone 8.5 months without going out alone.
It's a sacrifice we were of course willing to make, but man do I miss a good old date night.

We're now at a stage where we feel Henry is in a good enough place with his night time routine that we can leave him with someone else (hoorah!) so that's what we did. Henry's Godparents kindly took over the ropes for the night and allowed us to go out for our very first date night as parents.
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