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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Water Baby

Henry's been a little water baby since he was tiny - he is the biggest fan ever of bath time (read my essentials bathtime post, and our bedtime routine here.) and loves nothing more than splashing about.

I'm also a huge water fan. I love the sea, being by the river, and being in the pool. I find it relaxing and calming, and think it is the best kind of exercise you can get. 

Thursday, 23 February 2017

A little help from our....

local handyman!!
I bet you didn't see that coming.
Yes it took me an age to come up with that blog title. And yes, it will likely not help at all with this blog post explanation, or rank me well for SEO but hell, I kind like it.

Anyway, we've been thinking a lot about the final bits and pieces for our house. Maybe it's because Spring is getting thankfully closer, or maybe it's because Henry is on the move (OMG is he on the move) and I want the house sorted before we completely run out of time and hands!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Happy Birthday to my love

So today my love celebrates his birthday!  This is our ninth celebrated together which is kind of astounding in itself! 

Nine years of birthdays and seeing you grow into my favourite human on the planet (we celebrated nine years together three days ago too!)


Sunday, 19 February 2017

Chocolate delights for weekends at home

Yay for Sunday's am I right? Ok so I'm writing this post on a Monday on the signature Monday low from a lovely weekend with my boys, and right now while you're reading this I'm back in Bucks with Dann's family ahead of his birthday on Tuesday, but hey, let's celebrate Sunday! 

One of my absolute favourite things to do on a Sunday daytime is bake. I find baking totally relaxing and it's nice to have some yummy treats for the week too. My go-to recipes are the brownies from this 3 ingredient recipe post, or my favourite banana loaf (also if you're looking for the perfect meal outside of the usual Sunday roast, check out this Lamb recipe). 

However a couple of weekends back I thought I'd try something new from one of my many recipe books, The Big Book of Baking. As a fan of GBBO the book is a great one, though I always get a little nervous about the recipes as they are always more skilled cooks than I am. To ease me in gently, I tried the Very Quick Cupcakes.

What I love about the cupcake recipe is that is made with just your general store cupboard items, bits that pretty much all bakers, and to be honest most kitchens, will have in at all times. 

Friday, 17 February 2017

Loving you - JORD watches

Tomorrow is mine and Dann's nine year anniversary! Nine whole years as a couple! (We celebrate four years of marriage in May FYI). 
I always like marking the big occasions in our life on this blog as it's sort of like my personal online photo diary. I also know that Dann reads all my blog posts, so I can write something super cute and if I've forgotten a card (sorry, again) I'm kind of covered! Does it get more romantic than a specially dedicated blog post? I think not!

We've learnt an awful lot in the last nine years, not only about each other, but about life in general. Having a child together has probably been the biggest trial of our lives (anyone who thinks having a child will save your marriage is so far wrong they may as well be on the moon) but also the absolute best thing to happen to us too.

The thing about love, and the thing I think is most amazing about it, is it ever changing. Some days you're totally smitten, and other (more tired, anxious or stressful) days it takes a back burner. It develops as each of you develop as a person, and I think that's kind of special. 
Neither of us are exactly the way we were nine years ago. Think 100 hair style changes, more body fat (for us both) more tattoos, better style, less sleep, more stuff, less shoes (me), more shoes (Dann).We've gone through heartbreak together, redundancy, job changes, four homes together, collected debt together, been on holiday and had the absolute best days together. 

I couldn't have given birth without him, I couldn't bring up our son without him (and I know that's vice versa too, ha ha) and I would not be happy without him. It's been a nine year rollercoaster of a ride, and for two people that don't even like rollercoasters, we're not even slightly ready to get off!
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