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Sunday, 1 February 2015

LIFESTYLE: January in review

I've  decided to start a little series to give you, my lovely readers a little insight into my life. So at the beginning of each month, I will do a little review of the month previous.
So I'll  start, of course, with January. 

A new year, and so far not such a bad one. I can definitely say I've  had worse. 

My highlights for the month: 

Guest blogging for Things and Ink, because of this post

Receiving some of the most amazing feedback on this difficult post, after I finally found the nerve to hit publish. 

Celebrating a year since bringing our bundle of clumsy  fluff into our lives. As you can see from the photos, he's  done a lot of growing! Our lives wouldn't be the same without him, and bath times would be a lot safer (he loves being near bath water). 

We also partied with my God daughter for her second birthday. Hectic might be an understatement. 

A month for celebrating, it was also this blog's one year anniversary. Check out my first ever post here, and what I've  learnt in my first year here

I also massively upped my Instagram game. So to finish off here's a few of my favourite photos from the month.


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