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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

LIFESTYLE: 12 recent instagram likes

12 liked instagram images

I'm  a huge instagram lover. I can easily spend hours searching for new pictures and stalking someone's profile (note: never like an image from 46 weeks ago... you give the game away!)
In honour of my love I thought I would share my 12 most recent like on instagram.

Starting from the bottom  to the most recent.

12. Dancing dolls.
This is a print from Shannon Meow based in Australia. I have three prints from her and I just love her style so much. I'm hoping to add these to my growing art collection

11. Eye heart drawing
By Sophie Adamson based in Plymouth. I love her drawings and sketches. So much detail. And I am really feeling something like this for my leg one day.

10. Baby Sven
By Isobel Juliet Stevenson. She also did a toothless tattoo in the same style which i adore too. But who didn't love Sven!!

9. Cat and the butterfly
By Georgina Jurd. Just perfection really. Give me disney or a cat and I'm  a fan!

8. Gentlemanly sloth
Also by Georgina. He sketches captivate me and she always displays them so well with flowers and gemstones to make the photo a piece of art itself. And i love gentlemanly animals!

7. Pin up Snow White
By Lucy Blue. I really like this simple pin up style done by Lucy. Her style is quite unique. And a disney twist of course!

6. Ginger cat
Again from Georgina.... can you tell that I like cats?!

5. Black kitty
This is Luna from Dorkface blog. She is an utter cutie pie!

4. Taxidermy leopard
From the Taxidermist, Mr Cranfield. I love his taxidermy and he is a genuinely lovely person. And he knows his stuff. If you want interesting facts and amazing taxidermy then he needs a follow. As a side note this leopard cub is an antique and pre legislation for owning and displaying endangered species, so is completely legal.

3. A disney sketch and jewelled shells
By Paula Castle. Can you also see that I love Disney!

2. Snow White video
By Jenna Kerr. I love this northern lass and her tattoo skills are second to none.

1. Maleficent pin up
By Lucy Blue again. Who doesn't love an evil queen right?

*all images from Instagram



  1. That eye sketch is really beautiful!

    1. It's awesome isn't it! Really want something similar for my leg I think!

      Thanks for commenting!



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