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Sunday, 6 December 2015

LIFESTYLE: LIfe Lately - November (and why I took a break from the internet)

Usually I try to keep my corner of the internet as positive as possible because lets be honest there is far too much on the net which just makes us sad or angry. So with some recent hard times I've been staying away from social media and the Internet, for my own sake.

I'm doing much better now and in a much better, happier place.

So for now I'm myself again.
And on to some happier things.

I celebrated my 26th birthday. Yep I feel truly old for my age now! Dann treated me to dinner and the cinema which was lovely, and a doughnut cake!! With a sparkler!

We've been away which you can read about here.

And I've been making the most of some free time with lots of home projects and working on our Christmas presents for friends and family.

But what about you guys? What made your November great? Share in the comments.
And here's to a cracking December!!


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