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Sunday, 28 February 2016

LIFESTYLE: A birthday with friends

Danns 30th Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Dann's 30th birthday. You may have noticed from this post last week.
We've always been quite low-key and the last couple of birthdays for Dann we have spent at Brighton Tattoo Convention. This year I wanted to do something a little more special for him, but as he's generally a fairly quiet and personal-type of person I wanted something intimate and fun.

As we're starting a family it only seemed right to invite our very best family friends for an afternoon.
With seven adults and six children all under 3.5 years old it was a busy afternoon. Occasional screams, lots of running and much laughter, so all round a very successful afternoon, plus we got full use of the conservatory as we have finally invested in a heater!

Dann's sister Sammie also made the most incredible cake for him. She has some amazing skills with icing, and to be honest the cake itself was yummy too. FYI its a Tae Kwondo badger and cat with a lego Dann in the background and lego tiles. All of Danns most favourite things. He has no idea about the cake until the day!! Surprise!!

I've got just a few photos to share. I really need to work on taking photos at these types of things. I'm pretty much an all or nothing kind of person when it comes to photography, but I am working on it. Plus I'm training Dann too!!

Danns 30th Birthday
^^a pile up on the sofa, but proof that you can fit plenty on there!!^^

Danns 30th Birthday

Danns 30th Birthday
^^gorgeous baby girls. Andee (my niece) aged 3.5 months old, and Lottie aged 10 months old. And they're the sweetest little girls^^

Danns 30th Birthday

Danns 30th Birthday

Danns 30th Birthday

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