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Monday, 20 January 2014

FASHION: Tattoo Inspired Clothing: Sacred Stitches

During my usual tattoo/artist trawl, I discovered a little gem of an online shop called Sacred Stitches - and I just had to share with you.

Based in Brighton, this little internet boutique is just jammed back with tattoo artistry inspired clothing and accessories.

Plus the mad two that run the business do almost everything themselves -
  • They print all the t-shirts and cushions
  • Sew all their cushions
  • Post all orders
  • Design and run their website
  • And model for the photos, which they take themselves
  • Amongst a load of other bits and bobs too!
Now that's dedication!
So here's a few of my favourite pieces!

First is a collaboration design with the amazing Liz Clements - her whole collection for Sacred Stitches is just amazing
Then Sacred Stitches have designed their own range of Russian Doll Tees, Vests, Jumpers and Cushions - this little pink number is just adorable and very traditional
Plus they designed this gorgeous fox illustration
And who wouldn't love these matching custom pillows - change the names and place them with pride on your bed!

This vest top absolutely has to be my favourite design - it has Jessica from True Blood written all over it! Again by the amazing Liz Clements

I just had to buy it for myself!

And with prices between £10-£40 - it's hardly breaking the bank!
And if you're interested in Liz Clements - go follow her on Instagram @Lsbeth

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