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Sunday, 26 January 2014

TATTOOS: Update at Urban Image Tattoo, Bournemouth

My left arm sleeve is starting to progress quite well now. So I thought I would update you on how it is going.
This arm is being created by the lovely Saranna Blair at Urban Image Tattoo in Bournemouth.

This was last session:

Apologies - not my best photo.

Saranna is a newly established tattoo artist, having finished her apprenticeship last year, so she is now building up her portfolio and charging a discounted rate. I love her style, lots of bright colours, thick linework, neo-traditional style.

I first discovered her back before she started tattooing, and she was selling art prints online and I bought the owl of the far right.

*photo and artwork by Saranna Blair

Then when her Facebook page offered flash tattoos from her paintings for £25 an hour, I just couldn't resist. 

*flash sheet by Saranna Blair

So I got this!
Definitely one of my favourite tattoos.

But back to my second sleeve. I've wanted to have my cat tattooed on me since I got him, and I love the art of cats in people clothing, especially old-fashion items with big collars and lots of jewels. So after a hunt on Pinterest for ideas I sent Saranna my ideas along with a photo of my cat, Archimedes. 

And I love what she came up with. Plus she traced his face so his ears are actually in proportion - yes they really are that big. 

After another hour working on him - he looks like this:

A little more black and grey needs to be added to his face and a little more yellow in the eyes - but I love him. 

But this is only on the front of my arm, and I hate gaps, so we had to start filling. I decided on a compass for my love of travelling. Another hour later and my line work was complete (I'm a bit of a wuss so only tend to sit for a couple of hours at a time):

Now I just need to decide on the rest of the piece. I have a gap about this size again to fill - what to have? 
Ideas in the comments!


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