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Saturday, 18 January 2014

TATTOOS: Review - Things and Ink Magazine

Ok, so I'm a little late to the party, but now I've joined I'm in love - with Things and Ink Magazine.

This magazine is the perfect coffee table, stylish read that any tattoo lover would be proud to be seen with. 

Celebrating their first anniversary (I told you I was late to the party), the team at Things and Ink pulled out all the stops with a gorgeous magazine including a cover featuring two of the UK's best female tattoo artists (well in my opinion anyway), Tiny Miss Becca and Amy Victoria Savage. Without revealing too much, these two girls had some fun with confetti and cake for their fab interview piece.

Other highlights of the mag:

  • Don't Fuck With The Librarians - all about the misconception of tattoos. 

  • Diary Of A Tattoo Apprentice - with a twist - if you have tattoos read with caution, this piece really brings to light some of the medias ignorance on tattoo. 
  • The Opinions Of Reeree - talking about tattoos with meanings

Things and Ink Instagram

For £10 per issue (this is a quarterly magazine) and a selection of bundle deals, this magazine is worth every single penny. 

Not only does it contain original well written content  and beautiful photos, it tackles some of the big tattoo issues AND they haven't scrimped on the finished product either.

This is so high quality it puts Vogue to shame - Anna Wintour - eat your heart out.

To get your copy, or any of the previous issues click here and you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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