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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

TATTOOS: Review - Brighton Tattoo Convention 2014

So I wrote last week about my excitement for my first tattoo convention of 2014, so here's the low down on what happened at Brighton Tattoo Convention (on Sunday anyway) and why it is one of the best conventions in the UK.

Myself and my hubby went along to the convention on the second day, Sunday and make the day of it, and we really weren't disappointed.  With an easy-to-find location right on the sea front it was the perfect setting for such an iconic place.

In the first room was the beginning of the traders. As I wasn't there to be inked (new ink due tomorrow so I really couldn't have any at the weekend, no matter how tempting) the traders were the big thing for me.
With the launch of Issue 6 of Things & Ink, I knew my first stop, plus free stickers!
The brilliant Sacred Stitches were also at the convention. Of course being set in their hometown it was kind of a given. Plus they launched a brand new collaboration with the super-talented Emily Wood.

I can't possibly list everything that was so amazing about the traders, but needless to say, they alone could make me return to the convention next year.

Of course no convention would be complete without the artists, and Brighton Convention really didn't disappoint. This is just some of the business cards I collected on our rounds of the not, one, but two floors of the hotel filled with some of the worlds best artists.

I swear, they were hidden around every corner and filling every nook and cranny of the hotel.

A highlight for me was seeing Amy Savage, and buying one of her prints - of course the Badger design to match my lush bunnies.I can not wait to get this little gem framed and hung in my house - just need to find a space on the wall.

And to finish the day, my hubby decided to get his earlobes scalpelled by the guys at Hardcore. I will have more on this in another blog post to come, but I want to do my research first.

All in all, we both had a great day. Found some more amazing tattooists to add to my growing wishlist and are definitely returning next year.

Did you go to Brighton Tattoo Convention? What did you think?


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