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Thursday, 13 March 2014

TATTOOS: Review - Things & Ink Issue 6, The Modification Issue

I picked up the 6th issue of Things & Ink at the Brighton tattoo convention and couldn't wait to sit down with a cuppa, a cat and delve in. 

Yet again this magazine is jam packed with tattoo goodness, and with a modification theme, it presented a different perspective on the tattoo community and an insight into the deeper depths of body modification.
In this issue you cam read all about scarification, suspension, hand-poking and eyeball tattoos. Thought these are all my cup of tea, they certainly are interesting and intriguing.

As a bit of a layout geek, I love this magazine - everything flows beautifully and the main articles use some creative design techniques.

Things & Ink's content is perfectly summed up by this quote from Page 40, from an excerpt O-Kee-pa:a religious ceremony; and other customs of the Mandans by George Catlin:

"During this painful operation, most of these young men, as they took their position to be operated upon, observing me taking notes, beckoned me to look them in the face, and sat, without the apparent change of a muscle, smiling at me whilst the knife passing through their flesh, the ripping sound of which, and the trickling of blood over their clay-covered bodies and limbs, filled my eyes with irresistible tears"

This shows the ages that body modification has survived through, and the cultures it crosses. It is not a new fad, something new to the 21st Century for Western culture. It is serious aspect of life throughout the ages, that is mostly hidden from the mainstream.
This magazine as always, tackles it head on, but with great attitude and admiration for the world it is writing about. It celebrates the beauty that is the alternative, and the socially abnormal and normal. It celebrates women, in all forms, and embraces all women with open arms (metaphorically speaking - although I reckon given half a chance, the writers would hug everyone who has bought an issue!)

One of the most interesting interviews I have read this year is with their stunning cover star Grace Neutral. She is the perfect embodiment of how body modification can be beautiful and unqiue. With scarification on her face and purple eyes because they "are awesome", her interview is frank and honest, which is nice to read.

To be honest, this is the best magazine I have found. It is written with love, devotion and a deep yearning for knowledge. It is a magazine I would happily be proud to be seen with and write for (hint, hint).

You can find all the issues here
And follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates and news of the next issue. 

*special thanks to my lovely Dante for being my cat model! He loves the magazine too!


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