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Thursday, 17 April 2014

TATTOOS: Superhero Tattoo Inspiration by Derick James 

After the success of my Disney inspiration post, I thought I should do a follow up post. So I searched for some inspiration for my second love in films; Superheros. 
Of course Pinterest was required for this and I discovered the Neo-Traditional and Old School artist Derick James

As you can see he is created some outstanding flash sheet featuring some of the best superheros, and iconography around each as well. I particularly love his mini series of 'nothing beats the first kiss' featuring Spiderman and Batman (not together of course).

You can see more of his illustrations, tattoos, designs and general bits and bobs on his Instagram, Facebook or purchase prints and canvases on his Society6 page.

Images by Derick James


  1. I've seen this artists work before, I love those batman ones. If I got a superhero tattoo it would have to be batman themed

    1. They are awesome - I have to say I love the Spiderman ones, and I'm not normally a big fab of Spidey! lol


  2. Love the style of these tattoos!

    1. They are pretty awesome - and quite different!
      Thanks for commenting.



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