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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

FASHION: Killstar Wishlist

I'm a little bit of a shopaholic. I'm not afraid to say it out-loud.
I love unique clothing, something a little alternative and different from everyone else, so when I discovered the cosmic awesomeness of Killstar, I knew I had to create a wishlist.

In their own words Killstar is:

"A dark 'n' edgy lifestyle cult, comprised of provocative thinking and unconventional ideas.
Combining great design and unsurpassed quality; KILLSTAR has quickly gained a following amongst free-thinkers and retailers worldwide. Explore the dark and unorthodox, and celebrate individuality with it's over-sized prints, studded leather and digital designs, alongside kick ass accessories and leggings."
 And it doesn't lie. Killstar is all about alternative clothing. Plenty of black, contrasted with scarlet, violet and bright white. With a Gothic twist on your wardrobe staples, it is a must-own brand.
Here are some of my favourites:
(click the photos to go direct to their page)

With summer so close you can almost taste it - these outfits are perfect for that transitional period. Crop tops with cats, racer back dresses, with, you guessed it, cats! Egyptian themed maxi dresses to take you from day to night. Moon skater dressers - because I just couldn't ignore another Skater Dress, and the brightest red floral leggings I have ever seen. 
I couldn't possibly pick a favourite - they are all so beautiful and affordable with prices starting at £24.99 for the crop top. Plus if you spend over £30, you can get free UK shipping, and it's tracked too, so you know your little beauties are safe the whole way to your front door. 
And if you're outside of the UK, spend over £150 and it will be shipped and tracked free of charge too!
For more inspiration go follow them on Instagram

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