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Monday, 19 May 2014

ART: from Draw Me A Monkey

The 17th May was my one year wedding anniversary. Being just the two of us we decided to make the most of it and buy presents for each other. We got each other wedding gifts, so it only seemed right to honour the day a year later.

I wanted something personal and unique for my present to my husband, and thanks to Instagram, I found the perfect gift.

Draw me a Monkey is a paint and tattoo artist, specializing in turning your stories into beautiful and original paintings. Not only can you buy original paintings in her (Sophia) Etsy store, she also works on commission.

I contacted Sophia through her Facebook asking about a custom painting, and she was only too delighted to help me out.

After a little chat about ideas;
"We can integrate things which the cats love, like fav toys or such. As it is for your anniversary it might be nice to think of something which symbolizes you two? Or maybe something for hobby of his hobbies?"

 And she was a total doll about my ideas which included:
  • Red roses from our wedding
  • Purple splashes from our wedding colour scheme
  • Il Duomo from our favourite place on our honeymoon
  • And lastly, chicken wings - because my hubby, and strangely, our cats - love them!
  • Plus some photos of my fluffy friends

"I absolutely love your ideas! They'll give a unique mix and are defo really exciting to me already" 
 After a few weeks, my beautiful painting arrived and I literally couldn't be any happier with it.

If you would like your own custom painting - contact Sophia via her Facebook page.

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