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Saturday, 19 July 2014

FASHION: Five Alternative Fashion Clothing Brands

I'm a big lover of unique clothing, although I do love a good Primark haul. But for statement pieces it is all about the alternative. Here's my top five alternative fashion brands. 

Drop dead clothing

I've only really discovered this brand recently but I do love their clothing. Plus have you seem their super cute Itchy and Scratchy collection?!

Geek la Chic

I've been in love with Geek La Chic for a little while now. If you want geeky goodness then this is the place to be. They have Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, you name it they probably have it. Imparticular their Disney collection is amazing. Think Hot Topic, but UK based, with much lower prices and shipping costs.

House of Contagious

I had to include HOC. Of course I do work for them on a consulting basis, but their clothes are pretty fab. All in Lycra this brand is completely unique.  From figure hugging body con dresses, amd leggings, to floating skater skirts and dresses. Plus they have a full custom service, so if you love a print but want it in a different style, just pop them an email and it's yours. 

Sacred Stitches

Both myself and my hubby love this brand. Based in Brighton, this team of two are fabulous and really lovely too. Not only are they online, but you can find them at London and Brighton Tattoo Conventions.  With some amazing collaborations including artist Liz Clements, and tattooists Ramon Maiden and Emily Wood; Sacred Stitches is the tattoo lovers best fashion provider, and on top of that, they also do homeware and accessories.


For the Gothic girl, this fashion brand is witching goodness all over. With collaborations with Lozzy-bones (that three eyed cat is just too awesome) and black and white styling throughout this collection is both fun and stylish. I'm particularly I'm love with the Egyptian inspired dresses and leggings.

What are your favourite alternative fashion brands?


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