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Saturday, 26 July 2014

SOCIAL: Five Instagram accounts you should be following

I love, love, love instagram.  I don't have many followers (hint, hint, I'm here if you would like to follow)  nut it's an amazing resource for a tattoo lover, photography lover or if you just love looking at other peoples photos. 

So here are my current favourite Instagram accounts.


I've been fortunate enough to know this girl personally, and she helped me loads for my final major project at university. She's now becoming one of the biggest names in the tattoo industry,  and with over 200,000 followers thats hardly surprising.  Her grey scale art has gotten her world-wide recognition amd had her tattooing some of the biggest stars in the world, including Rihannas infamous hand tattoo. Her sketches alone are amazing,  and she's stunning too,  which makes you want to hate her, but she's too nice, take it from me.

Katy Gold

This girl is beautiful, funny and covered in beautiful colourful tattoos.  She basically looks how I would love to look. Her instagram is filled with her modelling work,  and the occasional selfie, prooving that she doesn't need make-up to look amazing. Plus her style is totally up my street.

Georgina tattoo

Another Southampton girl, Georgina's account is filled with beautiful colour tattoos that just fill me with joy. She's all about intricate colourful elegant tattoos, and her animal tattoos are to die for. Plus this raven haired beauty does post the occasional selfie with her guy on, and they are a pretty gorgeous couple.

Jason Minauro

This dude is awesome. He posts sketches daily. And these sketches alone are fab. Compared to my sketches, his are a work of art.  His account is filled with art and tattoos, but also show real insight into him as a husband, father and person. What secured my live for him was when his dog was stolen and they got her back. His IG kept up the search, showed support, and eventually showed her back at home. It was heart-warming to see such dedication.

Inspired Tattoo Portraits

This account is just filled with tattoo awesomeness - including a truly epic torso piece, and a equally amazing back piece. Celebrating the individuality of tattoos, this account is full of beauty.

What are your favourite Instagram accounts at the moment?
Who should I be following?


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