TATTOOS: Interview with Dani Green

July 12, 2014

I have developed a slight obsession with instagram and to be honest, I am thankful for it. Without it, I would never have discovered and met the super talented and ultra lovely Dani Green. You can read more about my first meeting with Dani here.

So after my first tattoo from, her, it only felt right to even out my legs and get another in the same place, but on the other leg from her two. I’m all about symmetry! Unfortunately due to some badly timed insect bites,  we had to move the design to my thigh, but that just means I will have to get that spot filled too!

Anyway, about the design; I’ve been a huge Disney fan from as young as I can remember. My first ever trip to the cinema was to see the Lion King. But my favourite Disney girl has to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She’s the smart one, who loves books, who in the end falls in love, not with looks but with the personality,  and saves the fate of many… heart warming right?! Yes I’m a sucker for a fairytale happy ending. 

So I asked Dani to draw me up one of her iconic girls, with a Beauty and the Beast theme. 

Just the sketch, and then the sneak peek on her Instagram had me buzzing with excitement.

Needless to say I am totally over the moon with her. She was a tough one to sit through, but Dani was extremely understanding and lovely  and really took the pressure off. Plus her numbing spray really helped for the shading (it can only be used on an open tattoo so the lines were done with no extra help).

So I decided to find out a bit more about this talented young tattooist, and share it with you.


When did you start tattooing?

Not counting a handful of willing guinea pigs prior, I started tattooing in Febuary 2013; this is when I started taking custom as an apprentice.

What got you into tattooing in the first place?

I wanted to be a tattoo artist since I turned 19 and got my first tattoo. I had always admired the art of it but it was finally being in a studio that I realised it was a way I could get to be creative every day and make a living from it; there is no bigger want for an artist.  To please my folks I went to university and didn’t begin until I was 25.

Best tattoo lesson you’ve learnt?

It’s about the art and the process, don’t work for people who want it to be about money.

A hard one, what’s your favourite tattoo that you have done?

Every time I do a tattoo I am happy with it is my new favourite!  I love loads of my tattoos for different reasons.

What tattoos do you have personally?

Quite a few now, I only made the step onto visible places once I had tattooed long enough to know I was in it for life.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, subliminal and interest based.  Mostly for me I would say comics, anime, Disney, fine artists, Japan, and all sorts of different cultures. 

Who are your favourite tattooists?

Sooo many it’s near impossible to narrow down enough for this interview.  I have really appreciated people that I do admire actually taking the time to talk to me and turning into friendships.  Jason Minauro and Fabian Langes are two in particular, go check them out!

And favourite artists?

I love Junko Mizuno, Mark Ryden, Aya Takano, Jason Limon, Francisco Goya, and many more!

What’s your advice to others wanting to start a career in tattooing?

Know your drawing capabilities back to front!  Don’t directly copy people; take inspiration but have your own ideas and own world, it’s the only way you will stand out.

Now for some random questions:

Favourite food?


Favourite drink?


Favourite film?

I have to name a few, there is no 1 favourite – Into The Wild, Princess Monoke, Muppets Treasure Island.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Brie baguette

Dream holiday destination?


Dead or alive, who would you most like to meet for dinner?

Betty Page

Go check out Dani on her Facebook or Instagram page

*watermarked photos courtesy of Dani Green – last photo by me

*please do not copy – use for inspiration only, it’s not cool to steal! – illustrations copyright of Dani Green

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