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Monday, 4 August 2014

TATTOOS: My Tattoo Timeline

At 24 I have quite the tattoo collection.
So I figured after 6 months of blogging I should share my tattoo story, my history, what's brought me to the point where I can write about tattoos weekly.

Age 18: it all started here. My first tattoo on my 18th birthday,. I had a swirling black 'R' on my ankle, and the studio sang happy birthday to me. I'd had this design for about a year before I had it done, and I'd promised my mother that I would wait til my 18th and that I would go to a reputable tattoo studio I.e. the one she went to.
Later, in the August (my birthday is November) I had 'Mum' on my wrist and 'S' and 'N' enclosed in stars on my back - for my sisters. Again at the same studio as before. The script is a standard from a PC and the stars were so in at the time!

Age 19: I went to a new studio recommended by my then boyfriend (now husband) and had a greyscale rose on my foot and the name 'Gordon' down side. This was in  memory of my grandfather around the 10 year anniversary of his death. The rose has huge meaning for me personally and despite the pain it is still one of my most poignant tattoos. Also, the e-card saying 'foot tattoos aren't for a punk bitch' are totalky accurate. I hated it, and it would take a lot to get my other foot done!

Age 20: I added to my back with a grey-scale angel which overlooks the stars. Partly designed by my husband its not exactly in keeping with my current tattoos (more on them next) but I was really into black and grey at the time.

Age: 21: at least I think I was 21, I had my wrist extended to include a orange, red and yellow koi carp, again designed by my husband.  It has an oversized tail which I still love. Neither the colour nor the lines are fab, but for £25 you really do get what you pay for, and this  was done as a walk in to a studio I'd never been to before, and wouldn't go back to either!
At around this time - again I think, I had two sessions done on my back for a full colour tiger tattoo. They are a pain, one orange and one white. The first session was 4.5 hours, then another of 3.5 hours. Both ended in tears, mine of course. But was totally worth it. On a side note, the back is pretty tough towards the sides of your ribs especially when you're incredibly ticklish!

Age 22: in the December of 2011 I started my right sleeve. I was in full time employment straight out of university so decided to make a start. My sleeve to this day is still unfinished - though that will change in September. In total it has taken six sessions of between 2 -3 hours with the last session just before my wedding in May 2013. My aim was to have all of my outer arm done before then so it would look complete in our photos.  Plus I have been putting off my inner arm for ages because I am a wuss!

Age 23: I started my left sleeve with Saranna which is based on my beautiful black cat Acrhimedes, made even more regal with a big white collar. Then we added a compass, a scarab beetle and some floral fillers. This has been a piece by piece tattoo, added to in two to three hour sessions.

Age 24: in February I met the wonderful Dani Green and I received my first proper leg tattoo. It was a design from her Instagram which I love. Then in June I went back to her and had a custom piece done themed around Beauty and the Beast on my thigh.

What's your tattoo history?
Have you done a similar post - if you have, leave me a link in the comments!



  1. This was an interesting post! I might do a similar one for fun too :)

    1. Thank you - please do let me know if you do - I would love to have a read!


  2. This is a cool tattoo! I don't really have a timeline like this, but I have been considering doing a post about my tattoos on my blog in the near future! Thanks for sharing, your ink is beautiful!

    Love, Jenn


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