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Friday, 22 August 2014

FASHION: Wishlist - Black Milk Clothing does Disney

So you might have noticed that I am a HUGE fan of Disney... like a MASSIVE fan.

When I saw that Black Milk Clothing was releasing a princesses and villains collection - well queue the swoon!

So here are my favourites from the collection - and top of my wishlist - hint hint hubby!

Cinderella Play Dress
This is just perfection in a dress featuring part of Walt Disney's favourite animation; her dress transformation, plus of course every girls dream home - the castle.

Disney Princess Leggings
Bright and fun and covered in some of the most beautiful faces in the world - who doesn't love them?

Marie Reversible Skater Dress
For the girl who doesn't start fights, but finishes them - this super cute skater dress hides the inner bad-ass gal!

Disney Villains Leggings
Because if you have the princesses you need to have their evil counterparts. Buy a pair of each for you and your bestie to wear together! I know mine is getting hers for her birthday presents this year.

Tale as old as Time Scoop Skater Dress
This one I bought instantly - I can personally vouch for how amazing this dress is in person. As a Beauty and the Beast fan (yeah I know you know that) this was an instant must-have. Covered in scenes from that amazing stain-glass that is so iconic!

Sleeping Beauty Long Sleeve Dress
Another of my favourites - it's high on my list of must-haves featuring the classic Sleeping Beauty characters.

Snow White Peplum Skirt
This is such a unique and unusual skirt featuring Snow White and those infamous red apples. This a super cute take on a classic skirt.

Wonderland Vegas Suit
This is just too cool. I would literally have no occasion to wear this, but it is such a show-stopper I had to feature it. Plus I love Alice in Wonderland.

You can find all these and more in the Black Milk Princesses and Villains collection, with many of the items still in stock or made to order.
Plus they offer free standard shipping to the UK, which takes about three weeks to arrive - which to be honest is nothing because this collection is worth every penny and the wait.

What's your favourite piece from the collection?


  1. These are so awesome!! I love the Cinderella dress :)


    1. I'm sooo tempted to buy the Cinderella dress! My husband might kill me though! xx


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