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Monday, 15 September 2014

TATTOOS: Instagram as a Tattoo Resource

A couple of weeks back I started this mini series of tattoo resource posts, starting with this one on Pinterest. Unfortunately due to intense work overload Illustrated Teacup took a little bit of a back-burner! But I'm back with lots of content ready! So here's Instagram as a tattoo resource.

I love Instagram, like really love it. It is just filled with beautiful images, so what's not to love?

And I have to say it's really widened my range in terms of tattoos.

The majority of tattooists use Instagram to promote themselves and their work, meaning there is a whole host of tattoo imagery available, and from the original source too.
Unfortunately there is the downside of copied tattoos and individuals claiming others images as their own. Just look at Rachel Baldwin's famous Red Riding Hood tattoo, a totally stunning custom piece, which has been copied, line for line, more than a dozen times.

*original from Rachel Baldwin on the left, a mix of copies on the right - all from Instagram

However, I personally have had great luck with Instagram as I have found some of my favourite artists through the platform, including Dani Green, who I have since had two tattoos from and had the pleasure of interviewing.But it the copying of images and theft of images is a troubling problem that many tattooists and fans have to rise above. I would be pretty upset to see one of my tattoos copied, but at the same time and proud to share it on my Instagram, and that of the tattooist who created it.

Images on Instagram can be hashtagged and with no word limit for the captions, you can make images really searchable. Of course there is such a thing as too many hashtags!

Plus if you love searching for inspiration, there are numerous accounts designed to promote tattooists and tattoo work.

So what are your thoughts on Instagram as a tattoo resource?
Have you had a tattoo inspired from Instagram?

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  1. I love using Instagram for tattoos. I have a few hashtags I check in a semi-regular basis which include #marveltattoos #comicbooktattoos and #nerdytattoos

    1. Me too. I will have to take a look at those hashtags I think x

  2. Yes yes yes exactly! I love looking at an artist's Instagram - it feels more "immediate" than a website which can go without being updated for a long time. I love getting to see what they're working on and following them afterwards to see their current work!

    1. Yes I've noticed that alot. I think in a lot of instances, Instagram is better than a website for tattooists.

      Thanks for commenting


  3. I read that Post and got it fine and informative. tattoo aftercare


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