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Monday, 1 September 2014

TATTOOS: Pinterest as a Tattoo Resource

 Pinterest Tattoos

There are so many places on to get tattoo inspiration, and with technology advancing so fast, it only stands to reason that people are turning to the internet for inspiration.
So I thought I would analyse some of the biggest tattoo inspiration resources, for their pros and their cons.

Today I'm looking at Pinterest.
It's the tools that mums, brides-to-be and bored teenagers adore!
I used it extensively while planning my wedding, it is a photo junkies dream come true. Can can find recipes, how-to guides, infographics and more within these pages.

Pinterest even has its top sections which include Weddings, Kids, Health & Fitness and of course Tattoos. A whole host of images come under these sections, and clicking the 'pin' takes you to the host page from the image. I link lots of my blog posts to my Pinterest boards.

The fun of Pinterest as a tattoo resource is that you can save any images you love and are inspired by onto your own board. You can see mine here.
Save artwork, sketches, actual tattoos and more all in one place - plus you can pin images that you've found elsewhere to your board too so you never loose them. Remember all those times you had to save stuff from Google Images to your computer, well now you can just pin them to your tattoo board for safe keeping, and save some space on your hard-drive.

A word of warning however - unfortunately Pinterest doesn't always link back to the correct source, so finding the original artists/tattooists can be difficult. Pinterest should really only be used to inspire designs that you take to a tattooist to create a new piece especially for you.

Do you use Pinterest - if you do - leave me your links below?!
And do you use Pinterest for your tattoo inspiration, and if not where do you go?



  1. I've never thought about using pintrest for tattoos! I do a lot of looking on Instagram!

    1. I use Instagram a lot too - that's due for next weeks post! Great minds!


  2. I've been slow on the Pinterest bandwagon as I've been using Tumblr since 2008 and find that much more fun, but I see now that Pinterest is excellent for driving traffic to your own website (as long as you have great photos) and can be an excellent source of inspiration. I'm at:

    1. That is totally true. It is a fab traffic source for blogs. You're Pinterest is pretty impressive though! xx

  3. I used Pinterest for my last tat!

    1. Got to love pinterest for inspiration! X

  4. I use Pinterest for hairstyles because it's easy to show the stylist a bunch of pictures on a phone as a reference (easier than ripping pages out of magazines!) but haven't used it for tattoos yet!

    1. That's a cool idea. Think I need to do that too.
      I use it alot for home inspiration too - I'm a little obsessed!

      Thanks for commenting



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