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Thursday, 30 October 2014

TATTOOS: Halloween Tattoos and Art

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It's the season of the spooky and fancy dress. Yes I am a day early - but I'm way too excited!

I love a bit of Halloween. I'm desperate for a house and kids so I can throw amazing Halloween parties with carved pumpkins, cobwebs everywhere (the fake ones, rather than the I haven't cleaned in a month ones), jelly eyeballs in cocktails and everyone dressed up as their favourite Halloween character.

So it only seems right to share some of my favourite Halloween-inspired art, flash and tattoos on this, the scariest day in the calendar.
Tomorrow see's so many tattooists doing flash days, I really do wish I had some available funds. One day! The closest I have to a Halloween inspired tattoo is my black cat tattoo on my arm, but that's more for my witches cat, Archimedes than for Halloween.

So here's some inspiration for you:

Do you have a Halloween tattoo? Share below!
*Images from Pinterest


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