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Saturday, 11 October 2014

TATTOOS: Review - London Tattoo Convention 2014

Ok so I'm a little behind on the old blog, but I'm having a catch up day and scheduling lots of tattoo goodness. New job means I am totally whipped most nights, so I'm having to change my schedule and start getting organised with weekend blogging and post scheduling.

So what better way to get back my mojo than with a review of the awesome London Tattoo Convention 2014.
Myself and hubby went to the convention for the first time this year. Of course we are by no means convention virgins, having been to Brighton earlier this year, and Bournemouth back in the day! But London Tattoo Convention is like no other tattoo convention, it really is the one that any tattoo lover needs to attend!

Located at London's Tobacco Docks, it is two full floors of the very best in the industry, and the best alternative traders across the UK and overseas.
We went over for the first day Friday, and it was pretty busy with people everywhere. Unfortunately neither of us could get tattoos - though we are definitely thinking about it for next year. Personal favourites have to be Jenna Kerr and Antony Fleming, who were both doing walk-ups for the day.
As always, lots of the tattooists were selling their own artwork, and I picked up a beautiful art print from Jenna.

We also bumped into our friend and tattooist Lee Smith and his team from the Tattoo Rooms - small world!

Basically we had an alternative shopping trip including:

Pretty much my husband spends no money for half a year, and buys stuff at tattoo conventions instead.
Though this list has left me very inspired for his Christmas and Birthday presents!

We will 100% being going again next year - and possibly for the whole weekend!
Would you meet us there?
Share your Convention stories below - I'd love to hear about them.


  1. It sounds like a pretty awesome tattoo convention. I need to check the one out we have again. It's been a few years since I've been.

    1. It really was - I would recommend to anyone!



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