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Saturday, 29 November 2014

WISHLIST: Perfect Gifts for a Crazy Cat Lady

Ok, I'll admit it. I am a crazy cat lady.

I've loved cats since I was a little girl. And owning two only reinforces the cat lady tendencies further.

I really do love anything that is cat quirky. And I'm not fussy on the type of cat either, extending to big cats as well (though I do prefer our domesticated friends - however if anyone is offering a tame pet tiger then I am your girl)

So what do you buy for the girl who's clothes are always covered in fur, when they're not meant to, collects ribbons (excellent cat toy) and sometimes has the scent of cat nip?

1. A wine drinker as well you say? Well join the club (invest in one of these Veronica Dearly keyrings to make it official) and purchase a stemless cat wine glass! Hand painted and safety conscience for those who had too much wine.

2. If like me, you love cats and want to shout about it (who doesn't) then this jumper is a must... it kinda says it all really.

3. I'm personally terrible at remembering to wear earrings but these are too cute to pass up on.

4. Alongside being a crazy cat lady, I'm also a big tea drinker (stereotypical blogger alert) so these cat mugs from Etsy are just too perfect.  I'm drawn to the black one to match my Archimedes!

5. And for the shopoholic... declare your love with this tote bag

6. Or for a cat bonus to any outfit, these collar clips.

So what would you buy for your favourite crazy cat lady? Leave me some shopping links (and hints) in the comments below!


  1. I feel like I need those earrings in my life! These are all so cute!!!

  2. I want everything on your list so when Santa is done at your place he needs to swing by mine. Lol

  3. Those cat mugs are so cute! no surprise that such a good find is from Etsy haha! Everything in life ends up looking 100% more purchasable when it features a little cat face and some whiskers :P


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