LIFESTYLE: What to do in Paris for a weekend

November 19, 2014

As a birthday treat, hubby took me for a long weekend to Paris… i know, lucky girl.
So i thought I’d  share some of my hints and tips for a trip to Paris, and share some of my photos. 

Tip One: Buy a Paris Pass

This little gem comes with a museum pass and a Metro pass for the duration of your stay (2 or 4 days). It gives you free access to a lot of the museums and attractions around the city, and queue jump in some of them, including  the Louvre.

Tip Two: Go on a boat cruise

After the Arc De Triomphe we wandered  over to the Eiffel Tower, and went on a tourist  one-hour boat cruise on the Seine  (included in the Paris Pass). I would  highly  recommend the cruise in the evening, especially as ours finished back at the Eiffel Tower which is just beautiful at night time.

Tip Three: Go to the Paris Catacombs

Now if you don’t  like queuing you need tp get there early. They open at 10am, we arrived at 11am and had to queue for three hours to get in. Don’t  get me wrong, it is totally worth it when you do get in, the sheer scale of the bones down there is astonishing. 

Tip Four: Make plenty of time for the Louvre

We spent five hours  in the Louvre on my birthday. We got there at opening, and headed straight  to the Mona Lisa (the crowds get insane later in the day). We then just wandered  everywhere. And i mean everywhere.

Tip Five: Book a wine-tasting class

We booked at O’Chateau via our Paris Pass. It was an hour,  tasting three different french wines, and learning about the industry and wine in general.  I would highly recommend  upgrading  to include  the cheese and meat boards to compliment the wine, it also stops you getting  tipsy at three in the afternoon!

Have you been to Paris?

What was your favourite place to visit?

2 responses to “LIFESTYLE: What to do in Paris for a weekend”

  1. Jessica The Pyreflies says:

    A week in Paris, that sounds sooo romantic and like so much fun! I have never been to Paris but I would love to. You are the second blogger today that is writing about Paris so I am super jealous right now haha!

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      I've been four times! But it is super close to us in the UK. And with my hubby hating flying, it makes a good travel destination for us both! xx

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