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Saturday, 6 December 2014

WISHLIST: A geeky gift guide

My household is a little on the geeky side.
We play Playstation games, we love lego, we completely nerd out over natural history. My husband goes made for code, and I am nuts about design.

So what better way to celebrate our geek side, than with a gift guide/wishlist of items for the geeky couple!

1. For the bat lady in your life, why not go for this scarf. These are limited, but a cute spin on the geek classic.

2. Myself and hubby are slightly obsessed with the Lego Batman (and Marvel) series, so Lego Batman 3 is definitely high on our respective wishlists - lets just hope we don't both have the same idea!

3. For the anatomy geek this personalised brain print is a great main present.

4. A lover of Star Wars, then these key covers might just be the best stocking filler.

5. Or if your prefer superheroes, AND lego, these keyrings should be in your stocking.

6. For the writers amongst you, which includes me, these geek pencils are also great for stockings, or perhaps Secret Santa?

7. And you can't have pencils without a case for them right?

8. To be honest, this is the probably my favourite of the lot. Its science geekery at its best, but with a girly twist. But it isn't cheap at £37.50, but honestly, what home is complete without a test tube vase?

What are you buying for your favourite geek guy or gal?



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