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Saturday, 20 December 2014

LIFESTYLE: A taxidermy gift guide for beginners

I've been slowly collecting taxidermy for the last couple of years. 

Steadily I am gathering a rather lovely little collection, including butterflies, moths, beetles, skulls, bones, wings and taxidermy.
I am often asked where to shop, and where to start, so I thought a post was in order, especially just before Christmas.

Personally, I avoid Ebay as much as possible. There is just no degree of certainty around the ethics and origins of the item, and I prefer supporting the independent stores that specialise in the macabre. However, that being said, we have been fortunate to receive a perfect fox skull with a rare double canine for a bargain as the seller had no idea what it could have been worth.

1. Any beginner will love butterflies. I now have a collection of nine moths and butterflies from a mix of places. I would recommend going to a proper store, as they mount the specimens so much better.

2. Or for something small, how about shark teeth? Ranging in size and age.

3. The next stage is definitely roe deer antlers. They were the second additions to my collection after my butterflies, and they definitely lead to a need for larger antlers.

4. Or how about some mini skulls, cased in little perspex boxes Rats, moles, birds and mice ranging from £15 - £20.

5. Need a new paperweight - then look no further. Beetles in resin.

6. More butterflies. They are just so pretty and unique that even the newest collector will love them.

7. Last and by no means least this Jay bird. I desperately want this bird for my own collection (hint, hint hubby) but birds are a great starter to a taxidermy collection. I already own a duckling, which is so cute and less creepy than you would think.

Would you buy taxidermy for a loved one? And if so where is your shopping location of choice?


  1. I like taxidermy also! I get most of mine from I got my crow from a couple called Arran and Emilie on Instagram and he's beautiful. Cranfield's Curisity Cabinet is reputable also.

    Hope you got your Jay bird! x

    Emily -

    1. Norman at the Weird and Wonderful is lovely, and so is James at Cranfields. I will have to find Arran and Emilie.
      I didn't get the Jay, but I did get an amazing Kingfisher in a dome that my husband put together (he didn't stuff it) - you can see it on my Instagram -

      Thanks for commenting


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