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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

WISHLIST: Alternative Christmas Gifts under £25

Gradually moving up the spend limit, here is when the fun really starts. There is so much to find in this range for the chicks.
Here's my pick of gifts under £25 for your favourite lady

1. I'm sorry if you've seen these in my last gift post, but these are just too good not to share. I love these temporary tattoos, and this one specifically is AMAZING! I actually want the badger design as a real tattoo!

2. Totally in love with this. Baseball shirt - for relaxing, and pizza, because no sane person dislikes pizza. 

3. For cat fans, this mug is a must-have. 

4. Want to add something unique to someone's home. Well these roe deer antlers are a fabulous addition for the taxidermy lover. Each is completely individual and one of a kind, and brings a lovely old English feel to any home. 

5. Floral perfection from Crown and Glory with this black rose headband. Available in three sizes, and a multitude of colours, these are perfect for any girly girl. 

6. For something a little different, these pillows are ticking every box. The Japanese design is so stereotypical of traditional Japanese artwork, and will be a favourite for tattoo lovers. 

7. It was a really difficult decision to decide which art print to show you from Parlor Tattoo. Movie fans, with a particular love for dark and horror films will love the tattoo styled prints available. Personal favourites have to be Morticia and Gomez, and Edward Scissorhands.

8. Complete any outfit with this traditional theme scarf, perfect for winter, and spring.

What's at the top of your gift guides?
Leave me links in the comments.


  1. #7!!! I love them, they're such an amazing couple.

    1. So good. I do love them as a couple! xx


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