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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

WISHLIST: Alternative Christmas Gifts under £50

So you're  buying for that someone special, or you've  been saving for the last nine months and are going to be everyone's best friend this festive season with your sheer generosity.
Of course this range is the most fun...

Gifts under £50:

1. For a sophisticated present, with a fun twist this teacup is the epitome of cute. 

2. For the cat lover (because 90% of people love cats, right?) this crop top is awesome and fun. Plus you can get matching knickers for lounging at home. 

3. My love for Disturbia is just getting stronger, so I have to include this Storm dress

4. Geek alert! I love fossils and dead creatures and things we can learn from. These are great in a house filled with curiosities, and the Weird and Wonderful has a great collection at around £27.50

5. Can't afford a real head mount, or dead animals not really your thing, how about this Laser Cut Deer Mount? Could even be painted or decoupaged to add a personal touch.  

6. Or if you fancy something pretty, how about a real framed butterfly. Again the Weird and Wonderful has a staggering collection, though be warned they sell out super fast.

So what are you treating your loved ones to this Christmas?
Leave me some links and posts in the comments!


  1. The vodka tea cup is so darkly cute I love it.

  2. I need that vodka tea cup for reasons.


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