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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

WISHLIST: Alternative Christmas Gifts under £10

So you need a mini gift for a friend  or something different to add to the pile... well I've  got your alternative bum covered. 

Being a fan of lots of little gifts for others, I love searching for quirky gifts at affordable prices. 

So here's my top gifts under £10 for the alternative lady!

1. Who doesn't love old books. So nostalgic and filled with mystery. And what girl doesn't love a good candle. So combine the two for the girl who loves a curling up in a corner with a book, in the candle light (N.B. must have good eye-sight) 
*shipping to the UK is £12.47 from Minneapolis, USA

2. I've already shown my love for Disturbia, and anyone who knows me, knows my love for wine, so this woolly hat is perfection for the winter season. 

3. As a true tattoo lover, I'm not usually one to talk temporary tattoos - but these are a whole different story! Starting at £3.95 each dependent on size, these are fab for anyone wanting to try a tattoo without taking the plunge, and it not be covered in glitter!

4. For the technological tattoo lover, how about these Ipad stickers? Put a traditional twist on a new item. 

5. After the release of Maleficent, I have a new found love for the evil sorceress, and as an art lover this is just beautiful. Buy for the girl that loves the villains than the princesses!

So what are your top under £10 gifts this Christmas?
Leave links to items and your posts in the comments please. 


  1. That's an amazing looking temp tattoo! Those would be great for someone to use for Halloween or cosplay! I think art can be a great gift for under $10. Awesome list!

    1. I know right - I've seen another one that I want as an actual tattoo!

  2. I HAVE WANTED THAT CANDLE FOR SO LONG! I love that Etsy store. ^_^ Also, temp tats are amazing. Such a fun, unique gift!

    1. Its awesome. I'm tempted to buy it for myself.


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