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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

LIFESTYLE: What I've learnt from 2014

It's been an interesting year, completely  different  to what I expected  back in January, and ending with new life lessons, achievements and challenges. 

When I started this blog at the beginning of the year, all I knew was that I wanted a place to channel my passion for tattoos and writing, and something to distract me from my lack of career. A challenge to keep me happy. And it achieved that goal.
I love writing, though I don't  write  as often as I would like (new years resolution!) But I'm  getting better, despite  juggling  more!

2014 has taught  me a lot about myself and what I want for my life. 2013 was incredibly, in that, I married  the best man I could  have  ever hoped for, but 2014, has shown me how wonderful  and supportive  he is, and how important  he is to me. We suffered  immeasurable tragedy this year, but also personal and professional  growth.

  • I've  learnt to forgive and move on, even when you don't  want.
  • I've  learnt to never  give  up because you never know what is round  the  corner  waiting  for  you.
  • I've  learnt to be grateful for what  I have, because its worth  it. There is always someone  worse  off than you.
  • I've  learnt  that moving  on is hard, and painful but makes  you a better person.
  • I've  learnt that sometimes, things  really  do happen for a reason, even when you hate that it has happened.
  • I've  learnt to let go of things  that  don't  matter, because some things and some people just aren't worth  the fight, and you'll know who and what  should be fought for in that battle. 
  • I've  learnt that laughter  is the best remedy for sadness, grief  and pain. Cats also  help, and copious amounts of tea (daytime) or wine (night time - however be warned about the hangover  the next day!).
  • I've  learnt that you can choose  your family. I love  my mum, step-dad and sisters with every breath i take, but I also  love my chosen family, my best friend and my god daughter,  to the moon and back.  There is nothing  I wouldn't  do for  them.
  • I've  learnt that loving your job can change your life. This is a new realisation. I took a secondment into a communications role three months ago. They have been the best three months. I love my job. I want  to go to work every day (though not on my days off.... I'm  not insane!) And its made me happy everyday.
  • I've  learnt to love my body and that no one is 100% happy with the way they look. My boudoir shoot really boosted my confidence, and I've  never felt better about myself. And any time I need a pick me up I look at the photos!
What have you learnt in 2014?

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