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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

LIFESTYLE: Contradictions of an alt girl

If I  were to describe myself in the fashion world, I would say I'm  an alternative girl, unless I'm  at work. See here for a further explanation.

The definition of an alternative girl, in a fashion sense is:
Someone who doesn't fit into the normal stereotypical style brackets... not a goth, grunge, geek, boho, English rose, classic, vintage, rocker, etc. Someone who wears what they want, and is a blend of types. 

I'd  say I'm  stuck somewhere between a bohemian rocker goth, with a touch of geek thrown in.
And this is where the contradictions come in. 

According to my style, I  should like metal and rock music, hate pink and fluffy and love super thick eyeliner.

However, I  love Disney, hate  metal music and just can't  pull off super thick black liner, I'm  a vintage flick kind of girl.

I am a comicbook geek, I like Lego video games, I collect Disney mugs, I  wear mostly  black given half a chance, and collect tattoos.

I dislike platform shoes, hate back combed hair, and can't  watch horrors on my own.

I love having perfect painted nails, collect vintage Polly Pockets, have a growing taxidermy collection and love bohemian jewellery.

I can't  stand fishnet materials, my fingers  are too short for lots of rings, and am very very particular about glitter.

So what does this say about  me?
Well I'm  one big contradiction. I love some truly girly stuff, and then hate so many others. 
I love black and colour. 
But that's  fine. 
Its what makes me unique, but difficult  to shop for. 
But I can live with  that... And if in doubt, buy it in black.

So what  is your style, and your biggest fashion contradiction?


  1. It just says you are you! I don't think anyone fits into just ONE label. Everyone likes or hates different things!

  2. Rachel,

    I am very new to your blog and absolutely love this post!!!!! I like you am a mix of things and don't quite fit into any category specifically! I look forward to getting to know you more through your blog!

    Love, Jenn


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