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Friday, 16 January 2015

FASHION: Fashions of an alt girl...kind of

I've  never really fitted into any particular style genre. I have always been a mix, especially with a such a limited budget for most of my life. I've  spent the last few years finding my place in the fashion stakes.

I currently  have two quite unique fashion styles. My work wear and my home wear.
Working in communications, I do a fair amount of public and client facing, so I have to dress smart. Lots of businessy dresses, pencil skirts and long sleeve blazers. Of course, I try to keep some of my personality in the mix, keeping it young, and not doudy. Plus I have a certain pallet of colours that I  wear to match  my skin tone. I've  implemented a lot of things  for my work wear that I've  learnt from a new friend, and I  have to say I  love shopping for work clothes.

If you compare this to my home wear, well they are very different. 

My home wear is where my alt girl persona can really start  to show. And this is where I've  worked the hardest to find my fashion feet... in fact it's  still a work in progress, hence why I've  never really done an OOTD post. But I'm finally comfortable  calling myself alternative. I know what I  like and what  I  don't. And more importantly, what suits me and what doesn't.  
I suit the alternative  look. 
Lots of black, monochrome, jewel tones. 
Witchy undertones. 
Bohemian jewellery and unique finds. 
Simple and plain clothing, to showcase  my tattoos instead of clashing with them. 

Don't  get me wrong, I  still love colourful things.... you'll see more about this in a coming post about contradictions. But in my fashion, I'm  all about my dark side.

So where am I  shopping in 2015? Well I'll  be searching for independent alternative labels like Killstar and Disturbia. Plus tattoo conventions are always  filled with the best fashion companies for alternative guys and gals and I'm  on a mission to go to more than ever this year.

So I'm  saying goodbye to pink, fluffy and flowery. 
I'm  keeping the pretty princess  items for my home, and the occasional Disney tee, because every girl, needs a Disney fix sometimes.

Where are your alternative fashion outlets? Leave me links below so I can start my hunt!


  1. Witchy undertones - I can relate! Haha ^__^
    You seem to have awesome style, perfectly up my street anyway :)

    Jemma xx

    1. ha ha, thanks - I'm working on my personal style at the moment!
      Difficult when I'm totally skint!

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. I never thought about checking for clothes at tattoo conventions! What a smart idea.

    1. They are awesome and always so unique and they tend to have websites so you can buy later in the year.

      Thanks for commenting


  3. I love thrift shopping. I get the most amazing clothes in the weirdest styles there!

    1. I really need to do more thrift shopping. Though i do find some bargains on ebay!

      Thanks for commenting


  4. I love these shoes so much :) Thrift shopping is so cool !


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