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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

LIFESTYLE: My not so secret guilty pleasures

So I'm  broaching into some more general aspects of blogging, but still trying to stay as unique as possible. 

So I figured my readers  are probably  as nosey as I am (it's  the main reason I went into journalism, i figured I'd  have a legitimate reason to nose into other peoples lives) so I'm  going to post a few more personal posts, like confessions of a tattoo collector and contradictions of an alt girl.
So I'm  going to start with some guilty pleasures. Those things that we all secretly love, but know that we shouldn't  and only admit to it when with best friends, or over too much wine. Those  things that make us laugh more than really necessary, or cheer us up more than they should. And things  that are just guaranteed  to make you feel about yourself, with only a slight twinge of guilt. 


I love the books, probably an unreasonable amount. They remind me of my first year of uni when I first read them. They are teen trash... but my God I love them. And the films... well I have a love hate relationship with them. I hate New Moon and Breaking Dawn Part 1. I love the rest! I'm ashamed to admit I was mortified during  a certain scene when a certain character lost his head (no spoilers!). I love the cheesy ass storyline, I love the love story and sheer romantics, I love Michael Sheen as Aro and I love Edward Cullen (yes I'm  team Edward, sorry!)
Its one of my go to movies if I'm having  a bad day (read, first day of period and all I want is to eat my house, cry and fall in love... I feel sorry for my husband every month)

Really bad tattoos

As a collector, I should hate bad tattoos, but I can't  help myself. I'm drawn to them, like rubberneckers on the motorway seeing a four car pile up. Its terrible. And honestly I have seen some god awful tattoos that make me cringe more than having my skirt tucked into my pants. Here are some particular good, bad tattoos!

Terrible eyebrows

Again, I'm  sorry. But I get a silly amount of pleasure seeing really bad tattoos. Now mine are by no means perfect, but they are in the correct  position on my face, and I don't  look like I've  been startled by an implement stuck up my bum. To be honest, I'm  a massive fan of perfect  eyebrows. A colleague at work has the most beautiful eyebrows pencilled on and I am totally green with envy. But I also love seeing an eyebrow disaster!

Correcting spelling and grammar

I've  always had a knack for spelling and grammar, especially for assignments (don't  look, at anything I write on a mobile  or tablet, autocorrect and fat thumbs are the bane of my life!). Plus working in communications I have to get my spelling right, or the girl above me will point it out, and holy crap can that girl proofread... I love her! So I am really picky about spelling and grammar and take great satisfaction  pointing out errors (bitch alert).

Facebook stalking

One of my personal resolutions  is to come away from Facebook  as I don't  use it for blogging, and mostly it causes more problems than it solves. That being said, I do love a good Facebook stalk of my old school friends or family that I don't  have contact with. More often than not I come away counting my blessings (there's  that bitch alert again). 


Ummm who doesn't  love Pinterest! Currently I'm  using it  near obsessively for my new house, and decorating the inside!


I adore this stupid Japanese card matching game that is very similar to solitaire. I've  wasted hours upon hours playing this game on my tablet. Times when I should have been studying, or blogging, or even just networking I've  been sat matching symbols on cards. Its highly freaking addictive!

So what are your guilty pleasures? I challenge you to share yours, and if you do, leave me the link below!


  1. I can't help but correct spelling and grammar as well but it's so hard to do without sounding bitchy you're tight

  2. Oops, didn't finish my previous comment properly - goddamn tablets. What I meant to say was: I can't help but correct spelling and grammar too, but it's so hard to do without seeming bitchy, you're right!
    Loved this post :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    1. Yes - sometimes it just can't be helped. It's just too easy! ha ha

      Thanks for commenting!


  3. Haha, I love these and can relate to so many of them! xx


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