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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

BLOGGING: The Versatile Blogger Award

I was very kindly nominated for this award by Amy of Batwings & Lashes so thank you!
If you've  not heard of the award before, which before my nomination I hadn't, it's  about sharing some little known facts about yourself and sharing unique and different bloggers. You can find out more here!

So my seven facts:

1. I love flying. Not just the whole going  to new places, but actually travelling. I have no idea why but I love being in the air. Unfortunately  my husband is the opposite.

2. I used to be scared of dogs. I'm not any more, but it was so bad I would pretend  I was allergic so I wouldn't  have to be near them. I think it predominantly  stemmed from being bitten by two different dogs, but as I got older I got over
the fear, and am now perfectly  happy around man's best friend.

3. I am obsessed with US crime dramas. Put an episode of Bones, Criminal Minds or CSI on the box, and I'm  a happy girl. I've  always been a ran of crime fiction, you just need to look at my bookcase, where my collection started in my teens, to see my love for it.

4. But I never watch horrors. I'm  my own worst nightmare when it comes to scary movies and an over-active  imagination. I refuse point blank to watch any of the Saw films, and don't  go near anything with  psychological and paranormal story lines. Ironic right, when  I can watch Bones with decomposed bodies  in the middle  of the night. 

5. I collect butterflies and moths. My collection is at 10 at the moment but is growing all the  time. I love filling my house with all the beautiful colours of their wings, and make every effort to ensure they are ethically sourced.

6. I love mashed potato and gravy. It's  my comfort food. If I'm  sad or ill or tired, it's  my go to good to cheer me up. And my husband makes the best mash on the planet.

7. I love being a wife. I love having  my husband, knowing I have someone to come home to, to make dinner with, to help me and share my problems. And being completely bound  to one another. Its my favourite thing in the world.

So my nominations  are:
Cat at Prorebel
Claire at Fine and dandy
Lily at Tiny Grey Cat
Ally at Digital Diva
Jemma at Dorkface
Katy at The Lilac Scrapbook

Good luck ladies.


  1. I'm all about Bones and Criminal Minds! I'm not sure you have Stalker yet, but that's been pretty good too! But I haven't watched CSI in years.

    1. I may see if I can stream it (code for get hubby to find it)
      CSI lost its way after Grissom left, but it's gotten quite good again with DB Russell (AKA Ted Danson)

      Thanks for commenting


  2. I can't take horror movies but I also love watching BONES! Haha. Oh my gosh mashed potato and gravy is LIFE! My brother was bitten by a dog when young, so now I'm still kind of scared of big dogs in particular.
    This was really interesting to read more about you, thanks for sharing! x

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Yay - a kindred spirit!!

      Thanks for commenting!



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