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Sunday, 15 March 2015

LIFESTYLE: A letter to my mum on Mothers Day

Lucky mums everywhere are being treated to flowers, chocolates and all manner of bathroom smellies today. And rightly so. Mums have a tough-ass job, so they deserve at least  a day a year to put their feet up and have dinner cooked for them for a change.

So I thought I'd  write an open letter to my mum, to share with you, and all the other mums who are like mine in their own way.

Dear mum,

I'll never know how  to fully explain how much you mean to me. There just  aren't  the words to describe it. 

Bringing  up three girls, pretty much single-handedly, and completely single-handedly for a number of year, must have been hard. We weren't  the easiest children, but we have all turned out pretty OK.

You've  taught me so many life lessons, the value of hard work and money. How you need to work for things in life, and nothing comes for free. The best things are earnt through hard work and perseverance. Something's just happen, for no reason, and sometimes unfairly, but our strength in character is how we deal with the things thrown at us that are meant to knock us down. Never let them knock you down.

You've  always had my back. No matter what. You've  never judged my tattoo choices, always loved them and wanted to see them. I'm very fortunate to have a mum i never have to hide anything from, including  my tattoos.

We share our jokes and have the same sense of dark witted humour. Our combined sarcasm knows no bounds. Our storytelling keeps us both entertained for hours. I could listen to you talk til the end of time.

I don't  know a single person  quite like you on this planet. And for that I'm  thankful because it makes the honour of having you as a mother that bit more special. You are one of a kind, and i will love you until my last day on earth.

Yours always and forever.



  1. This was such a wonderful idea! I know my mum reads my blog, so this would be perfect :) x

  2. Oh god this made me well up! Brilliant post. You're both so beautiful! xx


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