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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

LIFESTYLE: Taxidermy and animals

It's almost a contradiction on the face of it. 

I'm an animal lover. I love David Attenborough documentaries, (is there anyone on the planet that wouldn't  want to listen to him talk all day, I think not) I have two pet cats whom I  love with all my heart, and just adore animals in almost all shapes and sizes.

But I also collect taxidermy. As you can see in this post, i have quite the collection growing, including stuffed birds, framed moths and butterflies and an assortment of bones and skulls.

Basically I love animals, dead or alive.

Many animal lovers don't agree with taxidermy because they feel animals shouldn't  be used for human display or entertainment. I can see their point of view, but I see taxidermy in a different way. I see it as a celebration of their life, and a way to teach others about animals. It almost seems a waste for the, to be put in the ground to rot away when they could be stuffed and their bones used for teaching. 

We intend to use our bones and skulls to teach our future children about animals and anatomy.
Our taxidermy birds and framed butterflies decorate our home and support independent businesses in the UK.

They are an unique and interesting talking point - you can see some of my collection below.

So  my question to you... would you or do you  have taxidermy in your home?

Fetal mouse wet specimens
Cat and rabbit skulls
Selection of framed green beetles
Red fox skull


  1. My best friend is much the same - she adores animals, even majored in wildlife conservation, but she too loves taxidermy, and even does some herself! She has actually made a few pieces from fresh roadkill that is intact, and some are made from small animals she hunts herself. It's a really cool process I think! And definitely a great learning tool. As for me, I don't think I'd collect full animals (like the top bird you posted) but I love skeletons (especially skulls). Your animal skulls are awesome!

  2. My mother in laws husband is a big hunter and has loads of deer skulls - stuffed and bare upon their living room walls. I find it a little creepy because I always imagine them looking around watching me lol. I freak myself out like that.

  3. I've just nominated you for the versatile bloggers award, check out my post to find out the rules: Love your blog btw! xx


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