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Saturday, 7 March 2015

TATTOOS: Ink from Brighton Tattoo Convention 2015

Cat Tattoo by Jenna Kerr at Brighton Tattoo Convention 2015
As you will probably know I was lucky enough to be tattooed at this years Brighton Tattoo Convention (read about it here) so I thought I would write a little post about the experience, and a little about the tattooist.

I'm currently working on leg tattoo collecting from a mix of my favourite artists, and Jenna Kerr has been on my list of favourites for a while. Her style is quite unique and easily identifiable as her. Her filigree frames are her tattoo signature, and I just knew I needed something from her.
After following her Instagram for a while, she announced she was taking bookings for Brighton Tattoo Convention, and as I knew I would be attending anyway I sent her an email asking for a spot.

I've been hoping to add a tattoo of my second cat Dante, but was waiting for him to turn one so he had his grown up face (although his kitten face was adorable).

As you can see, she has some insane talent. The last image is fresh from the same day so is a little on the pink side and swollen as my skin reacts a lot to tattoos and trauma. But he is healing nicely. Keep an eye on my instagram for a healed photo. 

Did you attend? Who was your favourite artist?
*images from Jenna's Instagram - last image is my own


  1. Gorgeous new tattoo! I'm also really partial to the cat by Miss Julie you posted as well.

  2. I love the frame on yours! What a beautiful tattoo!

  3. I plan to get my next tattoo at a convention! Yours is beautiful! Love the sea horse to :) Rebecca | xx

  4. Your tattoo is outstanding. Such a talented artist! I absolutely adore Keely Rutherford's work so hopefully will be adding something of hers in the future. Lisa x
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