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Thursday, 26 March 2015

TATTOOS: Swan tattoo progress by Georgina Lilane

Swan tattoo Georgina Lilane2015 has started off well with tattoo collecting, with my first tattoo of the year at Brighton Tattoo Convention. Then two weeks later I was booked into see the talented Georgina Jurd of Intense Colours in Bitterne, Southampton.

As with most of my tattooist discoveries, I found Georgina through Instagram, and also follow her on Facebook. 

Her unique dark, romantic style drew me in, featuring animals, lace, jewels and flowers. I just knew i needed a tattoo from her and decided her  style would look great  as a half sleeve.

Swans are one of my favourite animals. They are beautiful and graceful birds, and remind me of one of my favourite locations; Marlow in Buckinghamshire (also where my wedding reception was located). They are also the symbol of my home town and county.
The swans were furthered cemented as my ideal tattoo as they are one of few creatures who mate for life, which I love the idea of.

So after some back and forth emails, the day was finally upon us, and I was not disappointed. Georgina designed a beautiful piece.

This is still a work  in progress clearly, with  about 3 hours of colour  to come but i can honestly say the design is better than anything I could have come up with. 

Plus Georgina is a total sweetheart and so easy to chat to - we had extensive  conversations about cats and conventions  (she's  working her first convention this year, Southampton Tattoo Festival in July, more on that soon).

To finish this post I will urge you to follow Georgina on Instagram and her Facebook page if you want some beautiful tattoos in your feed. And here's just  a few of her amazing tattoos.

tattoo Georgina Lilane

*do not copy any designs from this post, or blog in general. It is not cool. These should inspire only.


  1. I love your new tattoo, I really want to get a animal tattoo but I can't decided which one to dedicate it too! I love Georgina's work, I'll have to give her a follow on instagram! Great post, can't wait to see your tattoo all finished.


  2. I love the design and can't wait to see it once it's finished!

  3. I love the design and can't wait to see it finished! (sorry if this posts twice!)

  4. Love the the swan design, can't wait to see it when it's all finished.



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