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Monday, 9 March 2015

TATTOOS: Things and Ink Issue 10 featuring Cally Jo

Illustrated Teacup Things and Ink Issue 10 Cally Jo

I couldn't let another issue of Things and Ink go by without a little review, and as it features an old friend of mine, it makes it just that little more special.

The anatomy issue looks at the human body in all its  shapes and sizes. To quote editor Alice Snape:

"While you can't  easily alter your biology, dissecting or uncovering the structure of your being helps us to understand exactly who and what we are, and allows us to shape our appearances according to us."

Featuring stunning photography, beautiful tattoos and indepth and unique interviews, including inspiring bearded lady Harnaam Kaur and The Anatomical Man, Professor Richard Sawdon Smith; the Anatomy Issue is not to be missed.

As always, the cover is stunning, and I have to admit, this cover is probably my favourite of all featuring the beautiful and amazingly talented Cally Jo.
The fine artist, pencil sketching and drawing girl, and British tattooist currently residing in Manhattan is portrayed in a beautiful series of photographs, and features an indepth interview. This is the second time Things and Ink have featured Cally, which you can see here, which is as equally stunning.

This issue got my thinking about my university work and bumping into Cally at Brighton Tattoo Convention last month and talking about the past got me into digging out my old work.
In 2011, Cally helped me no end with my final major project for my University degree. I studied journalism and my major project was around tattoos in the media, and their respective perceptions and interpretations of tattooed people. As one of only very few tattooed women in my life Cally volunteered to be interviewed. Our work must have been good as I ended up with a First for the project!

As you can see from the below, which is a photo of two of the pages from my final major project, Cally has always looked and read great in print!

I also went on to interview Cally when I was a contributor for Tattoosday UK in 2012 when she was an up and coming tattooist and still working as an apprentice.

To be honest, I don't think either of us knew that in three years she would be internationally famous, with clients from across the globe and gracing the cover of one of the best tattoo magazines in the country. And it gives me great pleasure to see how much she has grown through her hard work and talent, and I am honoured that I have played a little part in her life.

I guess I'm  saying that hard work does pay off. 
I've  always tried to work hard, in everything I do. And this is a perfect example of how hard work can really pay off.

Buy your copy of Things and Ink Issue 10 here

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