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Monday, 6 April 2015

LIFESTYLE: Pretty in prints from around my home

Pretty in Prints Ikea
As you may or may not know, I've  just bought a house (if you didn't  know, where have you been hiding... I've  been banging on about it enough!)

Inspired by the 'pretty in prints' challenge* from Bonmarche and my move and the need to purchase many home related items I  thought I'd  share some prints from around my home. 

I'm  usually a plain and simple kind of girl, both in clothing and interiors.
Put I do have a selection of really key prints in certain rooms in my home that are real features in their own right, especially in comparison to the more simplistic designs. 

I am totally in love with these gorgeous Ikea curtains featuring bugs and floral sketches that so perfectly co-ordinates with the real wildlife taxidermy in my home. We have just finished decorating our living room (post due soon) and these curtains completed the look. 

Anyone following my blog last year will recognise these Vans from my birthday - with the perfect print for any reasonable cat lady!

Cat Vans

This faux zebra rug will be living in our new kitchen - once it is complete. We're going modern country kitchen and this matches our colour scheme. Plus it brings in the taxidermy feel, with putting actual dead things in my kitchen (apart from, well, the food!)

Pretty in Prints Ikea

For our bedroom I've gone more girly and pretty with these floral print boxes (from you guessed it... Ikea) The green keeps the husband happy!

Pretty in Prints Ikea
And this floral print lamp from Argos matches the boxes beautifully - and it was a total bargain!

So what prints do you have around your home? Are you the more prints the better, or do you prefer, like me, to make a statement with one or two key prints and simple background?

This post was courtesy of Bonmarche's Pretty in Prints Campaign, who have some beautiful prints for this spring, so please follow the link. 

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1 comment

  1. I've been lusting after those ikea curtains for months, I'd struggle to make them fit in my rooms though.
    I'd love to see your finished decor, we bought our home last year too and I swear I think I've been in Ikea at least once a month since :p
    Gill xx EyelinerFlicks


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