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Monday, 20 April 2015

TATTOOS: Free flash, and why you shouldn't steal designs

This isn't  a new concept. 

You don't  have to look far on the internet to see a bad rip off of a good tattoo. 

And pretty much all tattooists now watermark their images for Instagram. 

It is a sad inevitability that anything on the internet will be stolen, copied or reproduced. It's  an unfair fact of humanity. However it doesn't make it right.

But there are good reasons not to just copy any art you see on the net, for your own personal use.
As I said, there are many bad rip off's. It is pretty difficult to accurately copy a design and more often than not, anyone willing to take someone else's design, just doesn't have the talent and skill to create their own design.

A custom design piece can take many hours of work from the tattooist, including several drafts, amends and redesigns. It is just plain rude to steal or copy that work for yourself without permission.

Add to this the fact that there is someone out there that came up with the  initial idea behind the tattoo, and probably has a reason for wanting that tattoo.

Put yourself in their shoes.

How would you feel if you paid for a custom design and then saw someone else with the same thing, a few weeks later.

Not great right?

I guess this post is just my way of getting that old message out there. There is nothing quite like originality.

And if you do see something you like, ask. You never know if it can be tailored or redesigned to be a new piece.
Or perhaps take a leaf from Jason Minauro who every so often does Free Flash Friday, where he posts a design to Instagram that can be used by anyone. Cute idea right? And they are pretty awesome designs too!

Have you experienced someone taking one of your tattoo designs?

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