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Sunday, 17 May 2015

LIFESTYLE: 10 things I've learnt from two years of marriage

Today I am celebrating two years of marriage...
Yes I am 25 so fairly young to be a wife
Yes I am perfectly happy
No it was not a shotgun wedding - we've been together seven years now!

To be honest I didn't think being married would make any difference to my life - but it does. Not straight away, but after a while it does.
So I thought I would share with you 10 things that I've learnt in two years of marriage.

1. It isn't always easy
Like any relationship, there are tough patches. Just because you're married doesn't automatically mean everything in a relationship is easier. There will still be arguments and debates, but there is also security and love.

2. Sometimes it is ok to go to bed on a argument
The mantra is 'don't go to bed on an argument' but I don't believe in this at all. Sometimes it is ok. I'm a very fiery person and I need time to calm down from an argument, so sometimes I will sleep on an argument - sometimes in a different room. BUT I make up in the morning. A new perspective the next day really helps to diffuse the situation and practically deal with the problem. (in my opinion)

3. Communication is vital
Talking is absolutely vital. How is anyone supposed to know how you feel if you don't tell them, because let's be honest here, your spouse can not mind read! Have honest discussions with one another so you know where your heads are at!

4. Cuddles are also vital
Physical contact is so important to keep the magic alive. And I love a cuddle. There is nothing that makes you feel safer and more loved.

5. You don't have to plan everything
I've learnt this more and more recently. You can plan and plan and plan, but no doubt, something will throw a spanner in the works. Some things should be planned, but not necessarily to finite detail (and this is coming from a world class planner!) and remember, some times things happen for a reason out of your control.

6. Young married couples will be judged
I get this A LOT. "Oh you're so young to be married". When it feels right, it's right. Never judge someone's decision in love.

7. And it will be assumed that you are going to have kids... soon
In all honesty I do want children - very much. I have been pregnant since being married, although I unfortunately had a miscarriage. However, this prompted an evaluation of our lives and we decided to put a family on hold. I am a firm believer that parents should have their shit together (as much as possible) before starting a family. You should inspire your children and lead by example, so having happy career/job loving parents is important to me. So right now - I am not planning children!!

8. DIY will test your relationship skills
Having just bought a house this is a new one to the list. DIY is a true relationship tester. Moving house alone is a tester, to then start massive DIY projects including a full kitchen renovation is... tricky! It is worth it in the end, and that is the key to ensuring you don't murder your other half with a hammer - keep in mind the big picture! You're building a home, for you both.

9. Share the workload
We try to split our chores as much as possible. And take it turns. We each have our preferred chores, such as I always do the ironing, Dann always does the car cleaning. No one feels (normally) that they are doing everything.

10. Marriage is the best and 100% worth it
I love being a wife. I love being married. And I love everything that comes with it. It really is as simple as that.

10 things I've learnt from two years of marriage



  1. Thanks for keepin' it real!

    (And your dress is REAL gorgeous, BTW)

  2. Congrats! ♥ Jen and I had been dating since I was 13, married when I was 18 and we're going on 8 years of marriage now. I completely get the whole 'young married will be judged' part. Since Jen is transgender, and her body is still outwardly male, people assume we'll have children. Cuddling is so important. ♥ That's such a cute point.

    One of my favorite parts of marriage is hobbies. Jen and I share the exact same hobbies, and for some of them, we're competitive. Plus, there's watching series' and fangirling over them. I also think a wonderful bonding experience is daydreaming. Daydreaming about that day trip, or that garden.

    Also, making each other laugh so hard you're about to pee while in the supermarket, or anywhere really. ♥

    May y'all have many, many, many wonderful years of a wonderful marriage!


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