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Thursday, 7 May 2015

TATTOOS: Ink at weddings? Yay or nay?

The sun is showing his face a little more. Flowers and blossoms everywhere  and the season is changing. 
It's the season of love... wedding season.

And for tattooed people it brings a dilemma.

To show your tattoos or not at someone else's wedding?!

Just the debate of tattoos on show in general is pretty high. But to show them at a wedding? Especially a church wedding.

Personally I don't think anyone should ever have to cover up. I didn't for my wedding, and I haven't for previous family weddings, including at church ceremonies.

But there  are those who would prefer grandma to be focused on the bride and groom and not the brides best friends leg tattoo or the best man's sleeve.

Guys have it relatively easy on covering tattoos. Like with work places, a simple shirt and tie combo is smart and covers up that Japanese tiger from Uncle John.

Girls on the other hand.... well it can be tricky. Legs are ok because everyone loves a maxi dress at a wedding; no need to guest skirt length appropriateness in a floor length number. But they also tend to come in the sleeveless variety which is problematic for us ladies with inked arms. 

For me as always I'm a planner so I always have a way to cover up if the scenario requires it.
For weddings, pashminas work a treat. Accessorize probably do the prettiest pashminas on the planet. Or if you want something a little warmer, why not try a cardigan or bolero. Monsoon and Phase Eight hold the crown for wedding guest accessories, alongside Accessorize.

I have one wedding to attend this year as a guest. My brother in law is getting married in July so it will be a family affair. Fortunately I've met most of the family due to them attending our wedding, and they will have seem one of my sleeves then, however two years later I do have a lot more ink.
I have my outfit planned, with this beautiful dress from ASOS that I literally had to buy, and them work out a place to wear it. I think a pashmina is on the cards for this outfit, just in case!

What about you?  
Do you cover your tattoos for a wedding?


  1. I was a Bridesmaid for my BFF who had a full Catholic wedding and I used a shawl to cover the tattoo that was on the back of my neck. The Maid of Honor did the same. I didn't have a problem with it, it was just for a few hours, and I was cold anyway! The shawl helped! LOL

  2. If I'm going to be in the wedding, I tend to ask if they care about tattoos/piercings. In my head, it's their day, so I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to support it. If I'm just attending, I feel like it shouldn't matter.

  3. I don't think you should need to cover up! Tats are a work of art, in my opinion. <3 They're a part of you, so they shouldn't need to be covered.

  4. It was suggested to me that I wear make-up to cover up my tattoos on my wedding day - and I DID NOT! Love me, love my tattoos is what I say. ;) At other people's do's I've tried to do what you suggest - a pashmina or bolero in case the ink might be a problem for the elderly or religious sets, but quiet honestly I've not had any issues thus far, thankfully! :)


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