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Monday, 6 July 2015

BLOGGING: Eight photos of happiness

A couple of weeks ago I was tagged in the 'Eight photos of happiness' posts by the lovely Tarnya from Sweet Allure - thanking you kindly!

I'm taking this opportunity to share some of my favourite people and photos from my whole life so this is going to be a fun and nostalgic post! And you get some added insight into my life - lucky you! 

Anyway, the rules!

Thank your nominator...see above! 

Post eight photos that make you happy  - the photos can represent a moment, object, place or feelings

Write a caption/description about each photo

Tag up to 10 other bloggers to share the happiness

So now for my photos!

This is 100% my favourite photo ever! It's the first photo we saw from our official wedding photos that our photographer sent to us whilst we were in Venice (our last stop on our trip round Italy). I can remember downloading the image and literally squealing with happiness at how beautiful the photo was! I couldn't have been more happy with them, but this one really sticks out to me.

This is from my 21st birthday where my husband paid for me to be a big cat keeper for the day. It was an amazing day and I loved the experience. Hand feeding the tigers was a highlight, shortly followed by standing inside the cheetah enclosure.

Archimedes when he was a teeny kitten! He's a total cutie here, before he went through a rebellious teenage stage. He's now back to being the most adoring cat I've ever met! Thankfully!  

This is my utmost favourite photo from my baby album. I love my mum's face in this so much. She's my complete inspiration and I totally adore her. 

A photo from the first day that we got Dante. He is literally 10 weeks old here and he is too cute for words. I love him far too much. He's so silly but he makes my world happier. 

I super happy in this photo... Dann is petrified as he hates heights and we are stood at the top of Il Duomo in Florence on our honeymoon. I was so proud of him at this moment just for getting to the top as he absolutely hates heights! This photo is by far my favourite of the many we took on our trip around Italy. 

Again another favourite photo from a travel. This time I was in South Africa working on a reserve for two weeks. It is one of the best things I have ever done and I would definitely recommend it and do it again. Feeding and riding the elephants was truly amazing!

I just love this photo. I love this man. I love our life together. That's all there really is to say about this photo. 

And now for my nominations

Gemma - Dorkface
Becky - Becky Bedbug
Cat - Pro Rebel
Ally - Digital Diva



  1. Awww your wedding photo is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to start organising my wedding! Great set of photo's, I'd love to go travelling! xx

    Tarnya /

    1. Thank you!
      I love wedding planning - make sure you post about it! I do love me a good wedding!

  2. That photo of you and your mum is absolutely precious! Your smile is so big and bright! And I love the black & white wedding photo as well, stunning!

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. I was a happy baby apparently! :)
      It's my fave too! I just can't stop looking at it - even two years later!


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