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Monday, 13 July 2015

BLOGGING: The love/hate tag

Another little blogging tag for you this week.
The lovely Tarnya at Sweet Allure tagged me in the love/hate tag

I want my blog to be a happy place so I'm going to use the hate section as a pet peeves/lighthearted mostly.

The rules

The tagged blogger must share 20 things about them - 10 things they love and 10 things they hate.
Then nominate 10 bloggers to take part! Simple!

10 things I love

1. My husband
I mean I did marry him, so I must love him. I do want to spend the rest of my life with the man so therefore I must love him right? Well full on cheese alert - I do love this man like mad because he is the very best part of me.

2. My cats
These two boys are my little fur babies - they are just such loving little creatures and I simply adore them

3. Homemade mashed potato
It's the ultimate in comfort food for me - though not especially popular in the middle of a heatwave. Gravy is not optional nor liquid - a spoon should be able to stand in it safely.

4. Travelling
I love visiting far off places and diving into different cultures, trying new foods, searching for hidden gems in bustling cities. I'm always dreaming of my next holiday away!

5. My mumma
She is the person I go to when I need some serious advice, and she is the perfect person to talk to when you are ill. I love her sarcasm and wit and sense of humour. She's the perfect mother for me.

6. Ikea
I just do... sorry! I love the simplicity and affordability of their items, and being in the process of redecorating my home, Ikea has definitely helped us save and spend a bundle.

7. Tea
I guess that shouldn't be a surprise - being that this is Illustrated Teacup. But I just find tea to be such a comfort. Sad, happy, tired, poorly, comfortable - anything really.

8. Baths
After a long day, especially in the cold, there is nothing better than a bath (and a cuppa) to help you relax and unwind. Made all the more special with some LUSH products - I love the Comforter.

9. Lists
I am hyper organised, so lists are an integral part of my life. This includes lists for work, this here blog, shopping lists (food and otherwise), to-do lists, packing lists.... oh so many lists

10. Tattoos
Ummm probably went without saying, but I do love tattoos! Not just my own, but others too. I love hearing the stories of the origin of the design, the history of the tattooist, the experience of it being made. Just makes me happy.

10 things I hate

1. Peanuts
I just can't eat them. Which I do find a little upsetting as I really want to like them - but I don't

2. Ladders in tights
This parallels with tights that won't stay up, and too sheer leggings!

3. Wasps
Evil creatures with no purpose - I mean who actually likes them?

4. Animal cruelty
I find this hate gets worse in the summer and winter - summer because people think it is ok to lock dogs in cars in the hot weather.... no, no no, NO! And winter you see them left outdoors to, no, and definitely NO.

5. Social media trolling
This makes me mad, cross and sad. There are far too many people who hide behind anonymity online to say hateful things to people. Take a look at Em Ford's #youlookdisgusting youtube video just to see the scale of how awful people can be. There just isn't a need for it at all.

6. Sunburn
The ouchies! Plus I burn really easy being fair skinned.

7. Cotton wool balls
No idea why but they make me cringe like you would not believe.

8. PPI callers
Really, just go away. This goes for accident helpline calls too.

9. Being unwell
I suck at being poorly. I just cry and moan. I don't mean like with a cold, but properly ill. I just don't cope well if I'm not functioning as my normal self. I instantly turn into a five year old that wants her mummy! (see number five of things I love)

10. Poor parking
Now I'll be the first to admit that I suck at parking, but I do try and I will ensure I am fully parked, wheels straight, within the lines... even if it takes me five attempts. It's just considerate to others!

My nominations

Pixie - Pixie Bebe
Collette - Inked Hibiscus
Claire - Pink Chick Claire
Natasha - BeBe Bear


  1. I hate ladders in tights too, they suck! I love tea, my mom thinks I drink a bit too much of it.


    1. Ha ha - I think I drink too much tea too! But it's so good!

  2. I just laughed out loud as cotton wool makes me cringe too! It actually makes me feel a little queasy just thinking about the stuff. Great tag post :) x

    1. I am so glad I'm not the only one - I really thought I was! x

  3. What a nice tag, i also love my mum and my cats (we've got 8 cats) I've never been to ikea before but people seem to rave about it, i think i need to go! Ladders in tights is the most annoying thing, especially once you've just left the house. Anima Cruelty is just beyond horrible and i also hate PPI callers! Great post :)

    Courtney |

    1. WOW! 8 cats!
      Ikea is just amazing - there is no place like it!

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

  4. I like this post! I agree with your dislike of social media trolling and poor parking! I agree with everything on your Love list (except for your husband because he's YOUR husband, not mine... haha- does that make sense?)

    Love, Jenn

  5. Thank you for the nomination! I really hate cotton wool balls too, I have no idea what it is but they made me feel really weird! :')

    Kimberley xx

    1. You are welcome lovely. Looking forward to reading yours!
      I have no idea why either but I hate it! xx

  6. Ahh I am so excited you nominated me! Thank you I will make sure I make this one of my posts this week! 😀

    1. You are welcome, look forward to reading your post.

  7. I love this post, it's great to find a blogger who has a lot in common with me! I love tattoos, cats & lush baths!

  8. Love this post, and another great read. thanks for my tag. x


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