LIFESTYLE: DIY wedding memory box

July 20, 2015

Illustrated Teacup Wedding Memory Box DIY

I don’t often do DIY in the crafty sense of the word, but I’m getting into it a lot more now, especially since moving home where we’ve done a lot of DIY in a short space of time.
As it is now very much wedding season and we attended a family wedding recently, I thought I would share a little keepsake that I think every bride will love creating, and the newly weds will love having in their home.
After two years of marriage I finally got road to making ours, after my friend and newbie blogger Natasha shared the link to this box frame from The Range, which she used for this baby memory box for her little boy Oscar. The frame even comes with a set of pearl effect pins to help you create your keepsake.

This wedding memory box is the perfect way to display so on the pretty tiny pieces from your wedding. You spent hours/days/weeks/months working on your big day, getting those tiny details perfect, so it is nice to memorialise them.

For my memory box I used:

Start by placing it out until you have the desired display in the frame. Then pin in place items that will move to keep them in place.
And you are done!

Illustrated Teacup Wedding Memory Box DIY

Illustrated Teacup Wedding Memory Box DIY

Illustrated Teacup Wedding Memory Box DIY

Illustrated Teacup Wedding Memory Box DIY

Illustrated Teacup Wedding Memory Box DIY

Illustrated Teacup Wedding Memory Box DIY

We’re also planning on creating these for our children for their bedrooms/nursery with all their newborn items. You could do these for almost any occasion – or even as a gift for someone special for a significant birthday. 

I loved creating this, and I am so happy with how it has come out. And now it is hung in our hallway for all to see and remember. 

5 responses to “LIFESTYLE: DIY wedding memory box”

  1. Natasha Fairbrother says:

    Rach this is beautiful! I love it :)It's going to look stunning on the wall, hope you enjoyed making it it really is a beautiful keepsake xwe are clearing out storage and boxing things up for the loft but very tempted to make a wedding memory box rather than store it all x

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Thank you! :)It does look fab – it's on the stairs under some of our wedding photos. Basically I had a tidy up and was inspired by your memory box for Oscar. After all the hard work with invites etc it seemed a waste to just keep it all boxed away! Would love to see it if you do make one. xxx

  2. Honeypot Blogs says:

    Oh my goodness, this is such a beautiful idea!! Such a lovely post!xxHoneypot Blogs

  3. benilhalk says:

    Your idea of memory box is really nice. Anyway, next month I am also celebrating my anniversary at best party venues and I am done preparing for it. Hope it will turn in to a grand celebration and I will be able to cherish its memories forever.

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