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Sunday, 19 July 2015

LIFESTYLE: Essential tips for a married girl

Tips for a married girl

I've been married for just over two years now and it has been a great two years.
There's just something about the commitment that just gives you that extra support, and intense feeling of love.
I never thought I would change that much from being a 'single girl' to a married girl, but there are some major differences, even going for co-habiting to married.
I'm by no means an expert in relationship but I will share some of my little tips to keep the magic alive and keep your marbles. Also this does more relate to heterosexual married couples - although yay for gay marriage finally being accepted more around the world! - because I obviously can relate, and some of these may not apply, for instance the Netflix part!

Have married girl friends
Married friends understand you and your relationship, at least to a certain extent. Girls nights with these girls have no pretences. A night out is just a girls night out. No hitting on guys which can be a bore with single girls - sorry ladies. Plus they understand how annoying it is that after six times of asking your hubby still hasn't hung that photo up.

Have a hobby separate from your partner
I have my blog. Dann has Taekwon-do. We both allow each other to work on our hobbies (sometimes Dann hurts himself which is somewhat inconveniencing) with conflict. And we are both supportive of each others hobbies. But the separate hobbies means you aren't living out of each others pockets, which can be a little too much for anyone, no matter how much you love them.

Have your own Netflix sign in
You know full well you don't want the same recommendations as your partner. And he probably doesn't want PLL, OITNB and Gossip Girl in his feed. Save the arguments for something more important - like whose turn it is to wash up.

Have a bath when your frustrated
I find this works for almost anything really. But was particularly helpful when I was frustrated whilst we moved house. A long hot soak in the tub is the best thing to wash away (did you love that imagery?!?) for frustrations and anger.

Accept that he will eat you out of house and home
This is just guys for you. I'll admit, I eat little and often, so I probably consume almost as much as Dann, but he does his in less helpings. Just keep on eye on your plate sizes as if he does cook, he's likely to portion you both the same, and you don't need as many calories. Well, in theory that is.

Snacks will stop him getting grouchy
In line with the above, snacks will keep him happy. There is nothing worse than a hungry husband. I even prepare, or plan in time for snacks if I'm not sure when we will have lunch or dinner because he turns into the advert for Snickers if he hasn't eaten - and I'm not exaggerating! I like to think it's early training for when we have kids around!

So there's a few of my top tips for a married girls sanity.... what are yours?
Leave them in the comments below!

*photo by Angela Gibson - Darkstar Photographic in 2013


  1. I'm living with my boyfriend until I move into my new student flat with some friends and I totally agree with half of these - food is the way to keep him happy and he eats like a horse! His portions are three times the size of mine! Great post :)

    Kimberley xx

    1. Thanks huni.
      Oh yes, snacks are definitely the way forward. I feel totally prepared on that front for babies! lol



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