LIFESTYLE: Why our cats are indoor cats

July 1, 2015

Meet my two boys – Archimedes and Dante.

They are like my cute furry little babies that cause havoc around my home.
Archimedes is three and Dante is one. They are not related. They are both boys. They are both indoor cats.
I know this can be a real bone of contention for some people, especially animal lovers who believe that all animals should be allowed to live and play outdoors where they originated; and to a certain extent I do agree.
I’m an animal lover, because let’s face, it they tend to be better than humans. Yes I eat meat, I do however beat myself up about it on a monthly basis, but I also believe that humans weren’t meant to be herbivores, or we wouldn’t have developed teeth with the ability to chew meat, such is the circle of life.
I believe that captivity to a certain extent is required to keep some species alive, because unfortunately there are some wicked people in the world who will kill a species to extinction because of an unfounded belief in the properties of their organs – i.e. rhinos. Rhinos are still being hunted for their horns, yet the mineral properties and composition of their horns is the same as a human finger nail. So really the poachers should be donating their own finger nails for Chinese medicine.

Anyway, I do also believe that sometimes it is better for animals to live indoors rather than outside, which is why our cats are indoor cats. They have both always been indoor cats. Archimedes is quite happy about this fact as he is quite a cautious fellow and is mostly afraid of his own shadow. Dante is slightly more adventurous, but is also very daft, even within our home.

So why do we keep our cats indoors?

The main reason is their safety. We used to live very close to a busy road, with quite a few speeding cars. I have to admit one of my biggest fears is that we lose a cat to a car. As cats don’t have to be registered, a car does not have to stop and find the owner of the cat in the same way as a dog. I’m a worrier by nature so this would play on my mind all the time if they went out.

There is also the added worry of poisons in gardens. Unfortunately an ex-colleague of mine has just lost one of their cats to anti-freeze poisoning, which caused fatal kidney failure.
On top of this is the risk of slug repellent, fertilisers and flowers that are all toxic to cats. And with cats being wanderers, you don’t have much control over what they do and do not eat from someone else’s garden.

We also like having our cats around our home. It is so nice to come home after a long day at work to two purring cats -admittedly they are most likely friendly to us because they want food, but that’s a side point! Our two are reasonable cuddly boys and love a cuddle at night and first thing in the morning, which you are less likely to get with outdoor cats. Our boys are also really chatty, so it’s lovely have a talk to them during the day and evenings. They also love to sleep with us – usually one sharing my pillow (Archimedes) and one on my feet (Dante).

They are happy. Or at least they seem happy. They purr everyday. They don’t fight too much. They both have a clean bill of health – we have them checked by a vet every year, and their weight monitored every other month when we pick up their food from the vets. They are fleaed and wormed every three months, just in case. They sit for cuddles. They are rarely ill. They are friendly cats. The vets tell us they are happy and healthy cats, and that is good enough for me.

I’ll admit that it isn’t always practical to have them indoors all the time. 
Litter trays need to be cleaned twice a day. Planning room layouts with cats in mind, means glassware is displayed where they can’t reach it to knock it off. Tidying is a must, rather than a nice to have, as they like to chew on plastic and hide hair ties. Moulting is an issue for carpets, curtains and clothes, so it is completely obvious to everyone that you own cats. And they can be completely annoying trip hazards as well, with a habit of laying at the top of the stairs.

But we love them. And we will take the downsides because the upsides completely out weight them. And I can’t imagine my home without them.

Anyway, here’s some photos of the boys loving their home! 

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  1. Bethany Dale says:

    Your cats are beautiful! My Toby Cat is an outside cat who comes and goes as he pleases. We leave in the countryside so don't really have to worry that much about cars etc and he has too much energy to keep him indoors. But some cats do genuinely enjoy staying indoors and I see nothing wrong with it. Just don't think I could deal with the litter tray business again!

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