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Thursday, 9 July 2015

LIFESTYLE: Sunday at Southampton Tattoo Festival

Illustrated Teacup - Southampton Tattoo Festival 2015

I had a big of a hard time categorising this as it combines my love for tattoos with general life.
On Sunday myself and Dann enjoyed a day doing one of our favourite things together... attending a tattoo convention.  This was our second for 2015, in our home city of Southampton.
Southampton Tattoo Festival, in its first year, was held at the Ageas Bowl, the famous cricket ground. 

We are quite familiar with the venue having attended numerous events there, and Dann working there for a short time too. It's a big venue, but Southampton Tattoo Festival had no problems filling the place and giving it a great atmosphere.
The event was attended by some amazing local tattooists, including one of my favourites Georgina Jurd of Intense Colours Tattoo, Bitterne and all the boys from Custom Propaganda, Botley. On top of this, there were some brilliant and diverse traders, including a whole range of vintage stalls and unique home decoration sellers. For entertainment was a mix of bands and performances, as well as a vintage car and motorbike showcase and a miniature funfair.

Illustrated Teacup - Southampton Tattoo Festival 2015
Illustrated Teacup - Southampton Tattoo Festival 2015
Illustrated Teacup - Southampton Tattoo Festival 2015
^^How beautiful are these table set ups?!^^ 

Illustrated Teacup - Southampton Tattoo Festival 2015
Illustrated Teacup - Southampton Tattoo Festival 2015
^^some amazing bikes, with truly stunning spray work. A particular unexpected highlight was seeing a bike and side car ride round on two wheels on a tilt!^^

Dann also had his hair done by Dan at Jack Rabbits who has a stand by the man stage. This barbers is just quintessential old school barbering at its best, and the team are lovely and very talented. Dan (the barber) loves cutting Dann's (the husband) hair because of the type of cut he has, and how good his hair is to cut. He also seemed to impress a number of other people wondering around the event as I overheard a number of great comments! Apparently he's becoming a bit of a trend setter! 

Illustrated Teacup - Southampton Tattoo Festival 2015
^^Dann got sunburn on Friday - wear your sunscreen kids!^^

Overall we had a lovely afternoon in the sun (thank you kindly heatwave) and to be completely honest, the festival surpassed my expectations. I definitely hope this is a new convention we will be seeing in the convention calendar for many years to come - perfect for tattoo lovers, vintage enthusiasts and a family day trip.

Illustrated Teacup - Southampton Tattoo Festival 2015

^^Enjoying the sunshine^^

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  1. It seems like the tattoo conventions over seas are a lot looking? Than the one's here in the states. I attended one once but it was nothing as cool as the one's you write about!

    1. Oh no. I've heard good things about the NYC and Miami ones. Think it's about finding the larger ones in the states. To be fair, there have been some pretty bad ones here in the UK!
      Personally I want to go to some of the European ones too! Paris and Brussels are meant to be amazing!



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