LIFESTYLE: 15 things only cat owners will understand

August 26, 2015

As a cat owner I’ve come to learn rather quickly that the little fur babies can bring so much joy, and so much aggravation.
Our boys (Archimedes and Dante) are like my little babies and I love them dearly, but you quickly come to realise that cats can cause total anarchy with the swoosh of a tail. But us cat lovers do love sharing our tales of woe and the funny quirks from them that put them solidly in your heart forever.

Here’s a few things only cat owners will understand

1. It’s perfectly normal to talk to your cat
This is totally  normal behaviour. Especially when there is food around, and you need to explain to your cat that this tuna is not for them

2. They will sit on you when you desperately need to move
Usually after you’ve been sat for hours binge watching Netflix. Cat decides its the right time for a cuddle, and you instantly need to pee! Your bladder control is really put to the test!

3. But when you want a cuddle, they turn to liquid and escape your clutches
Do you remember that bit from Bugs Bunny with the abominable snowman?

“I will call him George and I will love him and pet him and squeeze him”

Try that with your cat – the struggle is real!

4. They can go to stealthy silence, to sounding like a herd of elephants in 0.2 seconds
Especially true if you have two cats. Stealthily creep up on each other and then attack – usually at the top of the stairs, which results in them rolling down the stairs together like a pair of hippos!

5. Cat fur is a permanent accessory
I don’t know how or why, but you can literally walk into my house and have a new fur coat, despite hoovering twice/three times a week and combing our cats almost daily! They just shed hair to mark their territory I’m sure!

6. Being awoken in the middle of the night is common-place
I feel like this is a practice run for when we have kids. Our two especially like walking across our backs as we sleep! Or pouncing!

7. Boxes are never empty for long
Why bother buying all those fancy cat toys – get a box – it will be instantly filled with a cat! Guaranteed.

8. Neither are bags
Unpacking our bags for life after a food shop can be somewhat tricky as you empty, it starts filling with cat!

9. Your sofa is a scratching post – despite owning several large cat scratching posts! 
We even have a scratching post right next to the sofa!! I’m pretty sure they do it just to wind me up.

10. A cat purr is your favourite sound
We have one very loud purring cat, Dante- like you can hear him from across the room. The other is so quiet you have to be right next to his head to hear it, Archimedes. I think I love Archimedes’ purr more just because it feels that little more special to hear his purr!

11. A tin opening is your cats favourite sound
It doesn’t even need to contain fish – though if it does be prepared for new furry best friends.

12. Your house is filled with ninjas at night
This is especially true for black cat owners, whose cats stealthily navigate the house in the dark of night, and jump out at you from hidden corners!

13. And you learn to keep your feet still under the duvets, at all costs
Pouncing little critters will take the opportunity to dive all over your feet should they twitch under the duvet – a more painful experience in the summer with lighter duvets!

14. Laminate floors bring you insane amounts of entertainment
No traction what so ever, and a full speed running cat – just so much entertainment value.

15. Windy nights lead to crashes and bags inside your home
It just seems to get up their tails and cause them to go all kinds of crazy when there is a storm outside, or one brewing!

What do your cats get up to that makes you love them that little bit more? Share in the comments below!

9 responses to “LIFESTYLE: 15 things only cat owners will understand”

  1. Jenna Lloyd says:

    I loved this post!Archimedes and Dante are adorable.I have a little black kitty (although I'm convinced that she's part Night Fury) called Trixie and she does all of these things. Another odd thing that she's taken to recently is pretending that she can't use the cat flap when guests come round so that they open the back door… Bless her diva ways.Jenna| | bloglovin' |

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      Thanks they are proper cuties, when they want to be. We actually bought a 'Toothless' from Build a Bear because Archimedes looks so much like him. Check out my instagram for a photo. Oh bless, what a total diva. Dante likes to cry if you're in the bathroom until someone opens the door to let him in. He's so needy! Thanks for commenting xx

  2. Siobhan Rothwell says:

    This made me laugh so much! I love you cats's names so much, so so cute! Daisy will come and sit on me whenever I go to shower. And we always know something is wrong (aka they're being naughty) if there's a prolonged silence. Maisie just learnt to go up the bottom of the duvet to attack your feet, she's advanced from pouncing!x

  3. Kwamster says:

    Gorgeous cats. I love this post so much because I can totally relate to everything you listed especially to opening the tin. That sounds is a magnet for my kitten he jumps on the counter everytime to see if I'm getting food for him. Lol. Love my cats.

  4. Lipstick and Dresses says:

    Aw your cats are so cute! Your black cat could be a twin with mine, they look exactly the same 🙂 My cat loves the sound of a box being rattled, that's one way to get him to run into any room you are in cos he'll think it's food haha. Sarah / xx

    • Rachel Bradford says:

      I love how so many black cats look scarily the same! He is massive though! We like to rattle Dante's mouse which has a bell inside. Guarenteed to get his attention. Xxx

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